Monday, May 30, 2011

Our First Preschool Grad!

Graduation was great, but first let me back up a little...

These first few pictures are from different field trips that Brynlee's class went on this year. She loved the field trip to Albertson's where they learned all about grocery shopping and healthy eating.

They even got to scan their own cheese sticks which was the most exciting part for Brynlee.

They also visited a dentist's office where Brynlee volunteered to be the patient.

their pizza picnic

visiting the Nature Center

And now...the graduation

They said the Pledge of Allegiance, did the days of the week, the weather, sang songs, unscrambled each others names, shared pictures they had drawn of what they want to be when they grow up, and then they were graduated from preschool! It was very sweet and very exciting, Brynlee had been talking about it non stop and practicing her songs all week. She has loved every minute of preschool. Everyday she would either be saying I'm so excited for school or I wish it was school today. She loved her class and her teacher and will be missing them this summer but now she is ready for kindergarten.

Brynlee and her teacher Mrs Hart

It was an awesome school year for Brynlee. It has been fun to see all of the new things she has learned she is such a great girl! We love you little preschool graduate!

Learn wisdom in thy youth!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Meet Sim

This is Sim the bear, named by Brynlee harvested by Brady. He got it on Friday just an hour from our house. Brynlee is a very excited girl, we all went bear hunting with Brady a couple weekends ago and didn't see anything. She was so disappointed. This time when Brady went out she told him she wanted him to bring her home a great big cinnamon bear and he was very happy to be able too!

Silly Kids

One of the nice things about having your kids get a little older is that they become a little more independent. Brynlee has been doing such a great job at pouring her own cereal and milk for breakfast...of course when Nash sees her do it he wants to try too. He has definitely got the pouring part down, he just hasn't figured out when to stop.

It always cracks me up how Nash falls asleep with his little legs propped up.

Brynlee is seriously such a great helper with her brothers. This is her out waiting for Nash's bus with him trying to get him to wear his glasses. He just got them last month and isn't too hip on wearing them unless Brynlee does it first and shows him how exciting it is to wear glasses! I guess it works goes both ways though because when we went to Brynlee's kindergarten registration she was a little nervous and shy but after we had been there awhile she commented that she wasn't even afraid anymore because she knew Nash was there at the school. She is so glad that they will get to go to the same school this fall and so am I!

Ridge loves hiding behind this dish towel that hangs on the oven door. He is pretty much invisible when he's behind it, we can hear his giggles but we can't ever find him!

I don't know what happened to this picture it looks like it somehow got mixed with some other ones but you get the idea, its Ridge and Brady sleeping at the dinner table. Ridge will never fall asleep while I am holding him, only Brady has the magic touch which is great because then he always gets to hold the little wiggle worm at church.

These three have been so great at playing together...they are always finding new ways to entertain themselves!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Easter Pictures

We lost our camera for awhile but we did get some pictures on Bradys phone of some of the Easter events. These are of the kids at the community Easter egg hunt...the boys had a lot of fun collecting eggs, Brynlee was a little disappointed that they weren't hidden very well.

The Sunday before Easter we had fun painting some eggs.

For some reason all of Ridges eggs cracked but he didn't seem to mind

Bryn is quite the little artist...she must get it from Brady. They both made some beautiful eggs and I forgot to take pictures of them when they were done oh well maybe next year!