Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nash's 3rd Birthday

Little Nashie Boy turned 3 on July 6th!
We had an awesome day celebrating...
we started the day with Adam, Amber, Ashlyn and our family at Hogle Zoo (or as Brynlee calls it, Hobo Zoo).

Nash was fascinated by the monkeys and they must have been fascinated by him too because they kept coming right up to him, so they were face to face through the glass. Brynlee was sad they weren't coming up to her so I told her they were just wishing Nash a Happy Birthday and she was fine with that.

We got to the zoo right after it opened which turned out to be perfect because it wasn't too hot or crowded and the animals must have just finishing their breakfast because they were being really active which made it much more interesting.

Elephants are amazing! We watched this one get a drink with his long trunk and then put it in his mouth, Brynlee was hoping it would spray the water out but it must have been too thirsty.

Nash loved being so close to this teenage gorilla and watching him eat and roll around on his back....

Brynlee on the other hand thought it was too scary and requested to be put in the stroller.

This orangutan was having so much fun on his playground.

The big 3 year old spreading his arms out.

The camels didn't try to impress us but we were impressed anyway just because they're camels!

Brynlee thought we should pick the Hawaii animals on the carosel.

We knew graffees had long necks, but we had no idea how long their tongues were until saw this one stick his out!

Penguins in the dirt?

I was surprised the fountain didn't scary Brynlee, because sitting on the fake elephant below did and so did the bats in house of nightmares!

And of course a trip to Hogle Zoo just wouldn't be complete without a ride on the train. Nash was pumped about the train and gives a great choo choo!

After the zoo we meet up with some of the extended family at Adam's parents for a BBQ and swim party. Nash thought he was so big in the little play house. He would go in and shut the door, then when you would knock on it he would open the door laughing so hard. He thought it was histarical and wanted to do it over and over, it was darling!

Aunt Amber made him an adorable cupcake cake. Thanks Amber it was delicious!
The fire on his candles made him a little nervous which was a good thing because we've been teaching him to stay away from the fire when we are camping.

He didn't want to blow out the candles and ran to Grandpa Doug,

but with some help, he got the candles out! He looks surprised but really he is signing hot.

We love our Nashie Boy so much and can't believe he is already 3! He is an absolute joy. He is such a busy body and really gets around now, it's hard to believe he's only been walking for 3 months! Some of his favorite things are:
Watching Singing Time
being outside
saying hi to everyone
making new friends wherever we go
eating, especially icecream bananas and chips
music and dancing
copying Brynlee
wrestling Ridge and kids that are smaller than him
playing ball with Cassie and anyone else that will play
Eyeing the basket...

Making the basket...

And celebrating the basket!

Thanks Adam and Amber for all your work organizing the party and for letting us stay with you! We had such a great time!

Even the big boys had a little ball game.

This was the only gift Nash opened before he crashed, but he has been enjoying all his fun gifts! Thanks everyone!
And thank you to everyone who was able to come celebrate with us! It really was an awesome day...Brady and I couldn't stop smiling and talking about it as we were trying to go to bed that night. It really was as perfect a day as they come!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Allen Famiy Reunion 2010

On the first of July we met up with the Allen family for our reunion at Cub River Ranch. It was a beautiful drive going up the canyon, and the best part was getting to see all of the family that was there! Thanks so much Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Karen and Uncle Eric for planning, preparing and organizing everything! It was great, we had a fantastic time! In fact, I was enjoying myself so much I kept forgetting to take pictures. Brady and I loved getting to visit with everyone, and we especially loved the stories and memories everyone shared about our ancestors, and the life lessons/advice Grandpa and Grandma shared. Our kids were absolutely spoiled with all of the attention everyone gave them! I guess that's what happens when you're the youngest ones at an Allen family reunion, thanks everyone for being so sweet to them!
Brynlee's favorite things from the reunion were: playing with the cousins, swimming, sparklers, the pinyata and doing the Hokey-Pokey. (Sad I didn't see that, I heard she really got into it!)
Nash's favorite things from the reunion: Having endless people to follow him around, going in and out and walking all over, having multiple people that look like his Papa Mike to go to, and all the knuckle bumps and high fives he got.
Ridge also loved getting passed around, played with and loved by everyone.
It was good to see so many of you and we missed those of you who weren't able to come!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Toy Story 3

Brady and I took the kids to the matinee today to see Toy Story 3. Good thing there were only two other families there...Brynlee was on edge the minute we walked into the theater because it was "dark and scary", the first preview that came on was for a superhero/villan movie called Mastermind or something. Its a cartoon, supposed to be funny movie, but from the very first glimpse, Brynlee was loudly whimpering and covering her eyes saying she wanted to go home, while sitting on Brady's lap the entire time. Nash on the other hand was super excited, clapping and cheering and wowing and pointing at everything. Ridge was just hungry. A few minutes after the actual movie started, everyone calmed down a little and got into the groove of it. I'm not sure which was more entertaining, the movie, or watching the kids watch the movie. Brady and I kept glancing at each other and watching the kids, we haven't laughed so hard for a long time. The kids were hilarious with their eyes stuck on the screen. It was so real to them, they were laughing, cheering and making the most adorable faces. When things in the movie got tense Brynlee was a nervous wreck but she couldn't stop watching. Bless her heart, she is so sweet and so sensitive. By the end she was just bawling. She got off of Brady's lap and came over to me with big tears still rolling down her cheeks, I asked her what's wrong didn't you like it? She said mom I'm just crying because I am so happy the toys found their new home. So it turned out that she kind of liked Toy Story 3, even though it was was super stressful for her to watch. The rest of us thought it was super entertaining!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pass on the Peace

As I was rocking Ridge to sleep tonight, I felt extremely blessed to be the one who gets to put these beautiful babies to bed every night. I am so thankful to live in a place blessed with freedom and peace where I can tuck them safely into bed day after day. We are so blessed! I wish every mother in the world had a warm quiet safe place to lay her babies.

FYI: These are not the usual places Brynlee sleeps, just random pictures I have of the kids sleeping. They make me smile!