Friday, April 30, 2010

Walking Man

This morning I took Nash to Jump Start for therapy. He was sitting on my lap while we waited for his thearipist to come. When he saw her, he climbed down off my lap, walked over to her, took her hand, looked at me said "see ya" waved good bye and started walking down the hall with Kim. Kim was so excited, this was the first time he's walked in on his own. He didn't even look back, I cried. Why have I been wanting him to walk?! It makes him seem so big, too big, somedays I really don't want my kids to grow up. I already miss my little scooter but it is so fun seeing all the new things he's doing as a walker. I'll have to make a little video of him walking to post.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Updates coming soon

I'll be updating my blog soon, ehr whenever I get around to it. Who knows when that will really be but in the meantime here are some pics of the little cuties!

Monday, April 12, 2010

1/2 Birthday

Happy 1/2 Birthday to Ridge! Our rolly polly smiley little baby is 6 months old today! He is eating solids three times a day now which he loves, he says mmm between every bite and if you take too long to spoon it in he starts growling. He thinks his brother and sister are very funny, they love to make him laugh. He has recently started rolling and can sit for several seconds on his own. One of his favorite sounds to make is mamamama, so of course I love it when he does that. He is such a good baby! We sure do love him!

Monday, April 5, 2010

All In A Days Work

Nash has been going through some funny phases lately...luckily he's out growing the hitting Ridge until he cries phases, now he's into the I can't decide if I want to be a big boy or a baby phase. Nash sees me feed Ridge in his highchair so for a few days, he wouldn't sit in it at all, he wanted to sit up at the bar on a bar stool. It would work fine, if he would stay on the bar stool. I guess he got tired of me telling him to sit down every 20 seconds and now he wants his highchair back. He also thinks he needs to eat whatever and whenever Ridge eats. As a baby Nash would never eat rice cereal and didn't care too much for pureed baby food, but now that his little brother likes it, he likes it too! For quite a long time now Nash has fed himself, he does a great job and usually never wants any help from me when I try to give it, but he's even had second thoughts about that now too. Several of the past mornings he's needed me to spoon feed him his cereal too. Nashie you make me laugh! Even a kid as sweet and pure as Nash can get a little jealous every once in awhile!

Bryn is the fish, Nash is the fisherman. I think Brady used to play a game like this.

Brynlee has also been cracking me up lately, she has quite the motor mouth and although most of what comes out of it is quite entertaining, it can get wear on the nerves a little if you know what I mean. Espeically when she asks you for the 90th time if you would like to hear her "meow" Follow The Prophet instead of singing it, you can say no but by the time you do she'll already be meowing through the first verse. Poor Brady, if he thinks he'd like to go home for some peace and quite after work, he's bound to be disappointed. By the time he gets home Brynlee and I are both just dying to talk to him! This morning I took Brynlee and Nash to the dentist. Brynlee was really excited about it and just reeving to go when the hyginest came and took us back. I think Brynlee had asked the dental hyginest, Tracy, 4 or 5 questions before she even sat on the chair and she also gave her all of her personal history like that she's four but she'll turn 5 on November 1, then she gets to go to preschool, but did you know I already lost a tooth? So she had to recount the story of how she knocked her tooth out to Tracy. Tracy told Brynlee she was going to do two x-rays of the front and two x-rays of the sides of her teeth. Bryn said, that makes four. Tracy, not knowing what she was getting into said, wow you're really smart. As soon as she said it, I knew Brynlee was thinking, "I better show her how smart I really am." So she started counting the cars that passed out the window, explaining the slug bug game, and regurgitating important information like what you should and should not eat to have a healthy strong body, "and also did you know that a tomato is actually a fruit, but most people just call it a vegtable?" (She learned that from Sid the Science Kid, not from me.) Bryn, "I have a fish tongue." Tracy,"You mean a fish tank at home?" Bryn, "No look at my tongue, (wiggling it back and forth) my tongue looks like a fish." It was about this point that the lady sitting behind the front desk popped her head in and said, wow she is really a talker! I knew they were probably thinking I gave her way too much Easter candy yesterday, but really I was enjoying watching someone else listen to her. I tried to get her to quiet down long enough for Tracy to clean her teeth between comments. My favorite was when she told Tracy, "Did you know my Dad won't change Nashies diapers anymore? He says Nash has too much poo so my mom has to change ALL of them! She really needs someone to help her because that's a ton of diapers!" That's my girl! Nash had the oppisite problem, we couldn't get him to open his mouth. As we were preparing to leave Brynlee said, "I heard you have treasure box here?" Tracy took her to the box and gave her two prizes, I think she was excited to have her ears stop ringing.


I went on my annual steelhead trip to the south fork of the Clearwater this last weekend. It was everything you can expect from steelheading. We left my house at 3:30am on Friday. We were fishing by 8pm after the 4 hour drive. Friday was cold, rainy and tough fishing. At the end of the day, we fished 9 hours and I had one hookup that got off. Frustrating to say the least. Saturday was better. The weather was great. Mid 50's, sunny and calm. It took me about 5 hours that day before things came together, but then I was reminded why steelhead fishing can be so addicting. From 2-4pm, I hooked up with 5 fish, landed 2 and had one break off. Both fish were 32".