Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Our 9th/70.3 Anniversary

For several years I have wanted to do a triathlon (I had to learn to swim first which took me quite awhile) and in the last few years Brady has done some triathlons so in December we came up with this great plan that we would train and get ready and then do the half Ironman in Boise together which happened to be on our 9th anniversary (see it was meant to be). I was quite a bit nervous about the distance and the time commitment of training but it really turned out to be an awesome experience! For the first couple months we did most of our swims together a couple times a week at the YMCA so Brady could coach me a little, I had a lot to learn still. By March I was getting the hang of it and Brynlee was getting tired of going to the YMCA to "play"... one time when we were going there she told me she was glad that I don't have a job because she wouldn't want to have to go there all day =) So then we just started doing as much of our training as we could in the mornings before the kids were up, one of us would go swim while the other ran on the treadmill or rode on the trainer. It was really fun and motivating to be doing it together (well not always together together but at least at the same time). Sometimes we had to push each other out of bed, or stop in the middle of a workout if the kids got up early. Brady also had to make breakfast a lot which was nice. We had to change things up a little and work a little harder on our team effort. I am glad we did because it was positive in more ways than I thought it could be. It was fun and I'm glad we were able to do it. Enough of the novel, on to the pictures...

Our friends but some sweet signs in our yard the night before. Go Bammer! Too Ligit To Quit! And my total motivation dream sign, You've worked so hard! Go!

Brady and I before the race, dropping off our bags off at the bike to run transition just down the street from the capitol building.

This is Brady 40 minutes before the race began and right as he's realizing he'd left his bike shoes home. Not so good! Luckily his friend Dave saved the day and made it through all of the road closures and up the dam and somehow got Brady's shoes to his bike before he got done swimming.

Our favorite little cheerleader, she is such a champ she stuck it out all day with Grandpa.

Friends that did the race and all of these pictures were taken by a very nice friend

The 1.2 mile swim was at Lucky Peak the water was a nice chilly 53 degrees. You start in waves according to age and gender. Brady's wave began 22 minutes before mine. There were 85 people in my wave, 100 people in Brady's and 1420 people who began the race.

Brady running into the swim to bike transition, he was super excited to find out Dave made it with his shoes so he could keep going!

Me getting out of the swim with frozen hands, feet and face.

Swim to bike transition

I had my numbers pinned to my shirt before the swim but when I took off my wetsuit I ripped the number off my back and my hands were so cold I couldn't work the safely pins

so I had to recruit help from a friend

We are so thankful for our sweet friends and all of the help and encouragement they gave us along the way!

And thanks to Aunt Mardee for letting me use her bike!
The bike ride made a 56 mile loop ending in downtown Boise. Brady and I saw each other for a second on the bike when we passed. He was headed in and I was still heading out but it was fun to wave to each other!

Brady beginning the 13.1 mile run

Looking good

And finishing the race! Wahoo!

Transition bags

Oh yeah, and here I come still running

and super happy to finish! It was a great race, perfect conditions, tons of fun, and a very memorable way to spend our 9th anniversary! Maybe we'll have to do it again for our 10th!

The best prize, taking home our sweet little chicks!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Here Fishy Fishy

More fishing at our favorite pond...Nash is the official thrower-back-in-the-waterer

Brynlee caught and landed this fish all by herself while the rest of us were on the other side of the pond. Her dad was so proud I thought he would pop!

They all wanted to sit in the tree, these pictures make me laugh!

Great cheese kids

Read set jump!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Night at the Boise Temple

We had a visit to the temple for family night and got some fun pictures to share...

This little girl is such a good example to us. When we were telling everyone to get in the car so we could go to the temple she ran upstairs and put on her dress, tights and nice shoes. When I saw her I thought I had better put on my skirt too!

The kids were all smiles and laughter, so happy to be exploring the temple grounds.

I love



Handsome boys!

Did I mention I love these kids?

And I love their dad!

Nash found a puddle with just enough water to splash

A beautiful evening at a beautiful place!