Friday, May 31, 2013

May 2013

Saturday May 11th was the first day in our new house.
While everyone was helping to unload the semi the boys entertained themselves 
in the dirty water on the pool cover!
Moving is exhausting!
Luckily once we got all setteled in our house
we were able to go up to Cache Valley to spend time with family! 

May is the perfect month for campfires but no one likes smoke in their eyes!
We love Grandma & Grandpa Allen's camp ground in High Creek

Such a beautiful calm time of year!

The boys would love to throw rocks in the river all night! 
 We love spending time with these guys!
 Ridgies marshmallow/cheese face
Beautiful little Audrey with her gorgeous eyes!
Everyone loves getting attention from Grandpa!
Checking on the bees
 Such sweet girls
Home again home again! Relaxing with Cassie!