Saturday, December 31, 2011

Allens Visit

Adam and Amber's family and Ryan came to visit after Christmas. It was a lot of the fun! Nash, Ridge and Ashlyn made quite the little threesome!
We went to Zoo Boise one of the days. The monkeys were great, they really put on a show. Maybe they have to move a lot in the winter to keep warm or something, anyway they were very entertaining.

Sweet baby Trey stayed warm!

Lots of monkeys

The kids loved the statues around the zoo just as much as the real animals

Fun times!

For not talking, this little guy sure has a lot to say!

Nash went crazy over these elephant statues

He kept giving this one kisses on its trunk

The lions were lazy and wouldn't even look up to see who was growling at them.

Punky pretending to be on a camping safari

Ridge was memorized by this bird and kept running back to look at it again

Miemie with her bird twin. See they both have fancy fur around their neck.

The bird was pretty excited to find her long lost twin and did a little celebration dance.

It was a beautiful day at the zoo and it felt great to be outside, even if it was little chilly.

They splashed in everything that even resembled a puddle. =)

How many kids do you know that have rode a tiger?

Now you know two.

The birth of Venus

All of the kids were wild about the real and the fake kamoto dragon

Alice the camel was quite popular too

Of course Brynlee wanted a shot of her with the butterfly collection

Can't remember what that was but its cute

More monkeys

Maybe monkeys just really like Ryan. I know my little monkeys are wild about him.

A stop at the zoo just wouldn't be complete without a slide down the giraffe's neck.

What a fun day! Thanks for coming to visit guys!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Holiday Fun

We had a lovely Christmas but I don't know what I was thinking on Christmas day; I didn't take a single picture! Oh well, Brady was video taping so at least we can watch it. I did get the above picture of them opening presents on Christmas Eve. I'll write more about Christmas later, but for now I at least just want to a few pictures posted.

This was so funny Brynlee came running saying, "Quick mom, get your camera dad is in the crib!"

Oh they have a funny dad!

And it gets even funnier...

Brady was so happy to finally get a pair of onesie jammas like the boys!

It always makes me laugh when Brynlee wears her eye mask to bed!
And since I took picture of Bryn sleeping I couldn't pass up one of Nash.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Holiday Fun

We had a lot of fun over the break playing hide-n-seek! It's one of our favorite games right now. I thought it was hilarious how the boys kept "hiding" in the pillows on our bed.
Bryn is pretty sneaky when it comes to hiding!

Two little cheesers

We had so much fun getting to see family over the holidays. The kids adore their cousins! I wish I had taken pictures at all of the family parties we went to but at least I got a few!

Nash and Grandpa Doug

Ridge and Grandpa Read

Grandma Whitmore

Nana has the magic touch

All the cute cousins on the Murray side

Uncle Ed has the magic touch too! It was great to see you all!