Wednesday, January 9, 2013


It's a little too cold to go outside today, so I'm posting some outside picture instead. These are from when we went sledding when my parents came up to visit after Christmas.
Bryn and Bailey making their way up the mountain
Lucky for them, they caught a ride!

Don't let his picture fool you, it was a steep hill!

They got some speed
and some snow blowing in their faces!


Grandpa found a little mouse/mole freezing in the snow! Poor little thing!

Grandma sledding though the sagebrush 
 Ridgie Roo flying down the hill with Dad

After a while the kids got brave enough to go down on their own (minus Nash who was sleeping in the car.)

 It was a beautiful chilly evening, perfect for sledding! And its stayed so cold since then, we still have the same 5 inches of snow!