Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Picking pumpkins from the patch is just like trick-0r-treating for us! The kids love it!
Nash picked one as big as himself

Ridge had to be rescued a few times from all the vines

Brynlee inspected almost every pumpkin in the patch before she made her choice. She even found a "golden" pumpkin and won a prize!

We had a fun filled Halloween weekend with parties at school, Bryn's b-day party, the trunk-r-treat and trick-r-treating around the neighborhood.

Nash loved being Mr. Incredible. He thought he was pretty awesome. A friend let us borrow his costume. I wasn't sure it he would wear it so when I got home I put on him and set him on the bathroom counter so he could see himself. He was captivated! He couldn't stop looking at himself! He wouldn't get down, he just sat there looking at himself and pointing and saying Nash. When we did finally get him down there was no way he was going to get out of his costume!

The princess pirate loved the trunk-r-treat and did some trick-r-treating at houses that weren't too spooky!

The boys made it too a few of the neighbors houses then went home and had 10 times more fun handing out candy with dad!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Pictures

These are a bunch of random pictures from early fall/late summer that I never posted. So I'm posting them now. Better late than never right? That reminds me. This morning as we were driving Nash to Jump Start I was explaining to Brynlee why we need to be early. I finished by saying, "The early bird gets the worm you know." "Yeah," she said, "and you know what happens to the late bird?" "What?" I asked. "It gets shot by hunters!" she said. I had to look in my review mirror to see if she was really serious. She was! I had a good laugh! Whatever you do, do not be the late bird around our house!

It's always amusing to see where the kids decided to fall asleep
The boys enjoying the last days of summer in the sandbox

and preparing for winter

and wrestling

Brynlee had a fun little Books and Breakfast Back to School Party

Ridge helped himself to the Cool Whip

He is way too cute!

Everyone came in their pj's and brought their favorite book

we read them all and some even read their own! It was a fun way to start the school year!

I posted the pictures from Hawaii but I put them on the days that they actually happened so you"ll have to look back in the beginning of October to see them. I'll try and get pictures from Halloween and Brynlee's birthday posted soon!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Another B&B Trip

These pictures are from Brynlee and Brady's latest hunting/camping trip. I know I have already posted some like this from their other ones recently but they are still cute and they have so much fun!
Since it is getting dark so early now they took the computer so they could watch a movie before bed...Brynlee informed me that dad was really tired he fell asleep during the movie but not her she watched the whole thing!

They didn't find the deer they were looking for, but they had a great time anyway and they took some cute pictures!

She is wrapped around her dads finger! But who can blame him?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ridge is Two!

This how Ridge spent the last few hours of his second year of life, peacfully sleeping on my lap like the sweet little boy that he is as we took the red-eye home from Hawaii. He is so adorable I couldn't sleep, I just watched in amazement as he silently turned another year older and waited for him to wake up so I could smooch his darling little cheeks!

Here he is, Ridge Casper Murray the big two year old!

He has such a fun personality, so full of spirit! He isn't talking yet but with all his awesome facial expressions, body language and grunts, it isn't hard to know what he's trying to say.

He was pretty excited about the candles

Ridge absolutely adores his brother and sister. He still cries every morning when we drop them off at Jump Start and school. He is Nash's shadow and is perfectly happy when he can follow his big brother around doing everything and I mean everything he sees Nash do. If Nash coughs, needs a drink, takes a bite of his dinner, says hi to someone, goes outside, gets excited or mad (you get the picture) so does Ridge! They are great litte buddies, so entertaining!

Some of Ridge's other favorites are: wrestling, swinging, running cars across the piano keys, splashing in the tub, playing chase, poking people he likes (that's his way of teasing), pulling Cassies tail, jumping off of furniture, and snuggling (he gives fantastic hugs)!

He really is our doughnut of joy! Brynlee came up with that one =)

All the partying wore these two right out!

Happy Birthday Ridge!

We love you!

PS- Thank you for the cards and gifts, he loves them!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Valcanos and Lava

The lava tube was amazing, its hard to comprehend how hot that lava must have been!

We took a short little hike up to a lookout point. The kids had fun getting rides and having Grandpa hide behind trees and jump out at them.

We found this cool tree that had fallen down and just kept right on growing!

The lava fields were full of lava hot and black!

The active valcano wasn't supper active while we were there, we could see steam and a nice lava glow in the sky when it got dark. We also went and walked out on the road that had been covered in lava earlier this year and saw all of the little houses that just live out in the middle of black lava fields now.

One funny thing about the big island it that they have wild donkeys, this wasn't one of them, it was just a friendly one trying to give Brady a kiss.

On our last night there, we celebrated all of the kids birthdays with Grandpa and Grandma. We had such a great time visiting, it was so much fun! Thanks mom and dad! We love you!