Friday, December 31, 2010

Bowling Out the Old Year

This was the kids first time bowling, so as you can imagine it was quite exciting with lots of clapping and cheering every time the ball rolled down the lane regardless of whether or not it hit any pins!
She's a natural bowler

Nash thought it was way better than rolling cans of corn across the kitchen floor.

He even got a strike rolling it off of this thing

Miemie striking a pose

the big Mister and little Misters

I think we've found a new favorite family activity

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Fishing Trip of 2010

Sometimes its nice to just be outside!

And sometimes its nice to just stay warm

It's always nice to go fishing with Grandpa

And its always really nice if you actually catch fish

Which we did

over and over

It was a good day on the ice!

The end

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catching Up On Christmas

I am finally getting around to putting some Christmas pictures on here, better late than never right? On the 23rd my brother Ryan and Aunt Mardee came to spend Christmas with us. Mardee made a fabulous lasagna for dinner one night that Ridge couldn't quite get enough of.

Toward the end of his time hanging around with us, Creepy truly became just that...Creepy! Brady is so funny.

Ryan has the magic touch and was able to get Nash to hold still long enough to give him a much needed haircut.

What a ham!

Ryan, Brady and I went a really cool helicopter ride (it feels like your floating, just like when you fly in your dreams) while Mardee watched the kids. (Thanks Mardee!)

He looks good in that head gear, maybe you should be a pilot Ry!

Miss Brynlee making some yummy Christmas sugar cookies

Mardee slaved away in the kitchen all day (and did dishes like crazy didn't know three little kids could go through so many dishes did you?!) and we had an excellent Christmas Eve dinner.

Sweet little Joseph so carefully holding baby Jesus while we got ready to act out the nativity scene...

At least that was the plan but nobody wanted to keep their costumes on except Brady =) so we read about the Saviors birth from the Bible instead. Some of my most favorite times during the holidays are the quite moments when we remember talk or sing about the Savior and feel His love for us, all of us and you too.

Mardee surprised us all with cute Christmas pajamas

The kids all tucked in their beds, so sweet

Christmas morning the kids actually slept in. We could hear them talking and playing but they never opened the door, finally at 8:00 we peaking in to see what was going on. They were just hanging out. I asked Brynlee if remembered what day it was and all of the sudden she really did remember and shouted Christmas and jumped out of bed, how could they forget?!



And Swee inspecting the gifts from Santa

Nash could hardly contain his excitement!

Brynlee got the "special blue" penbo penguin made only in the North Pole! Our elf must have told Santa about what a good girl she is!
Ridge didn't know what to think about Woody at first, but now Woody is one of his best pals the boys drag him all over the house everyday.

Brynlee and Jessie were so excited that Santa brought them Bullseye!

Nash and Ridge are happy to finally own a bus! "Bus! Bus!" is what Nash always says, its so cool he has to say it twice every time!

The kids were so happy playing with the toys from Santa that it took a little bit of coaxing to get them to open the all the gifts under the tree.

I was happy to see that Brynlee was just as excited to give the gifts she had picked out and made for everyone as she was to open the ones for her, it made my day! She picked out little wooden cars for Ridge and Nash, made Brady and I a handprint with a poem at preschool and worked really hard painting pictures and cutting out snowflakes for Mardee and Ryan.

Dad gave Nash his first hunting hat! It looks good!

With so many fun new things to play with, the kids didn't even want to stop for breakfast!

Of course Brady had to try out the new toys too!

Uncle Rya really spoiled us...we now have a fish named (by Brynlee) Blossom. They all love it! Brynlee is really good at remembering to feed it every morning and Nash likes to try and feed it whatever he is eating too...not so good!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

We sure did!

Christmas artwork by Brynlee and Nash

Picture taken and posted by BKM