Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Going On A Bear Hunt

The pictures for this post really start at the bottom and go up. I got them on here backwards and can't get them to switch them around, but you get the idea. On Saturday Brady asked what I wanted to do. I said go on a hike. Somehow that hike turned into more of a bear hunt. Either way we had a great time!
Ridge is such a daddy's boy! He loves to imitate everything his dad does. Brady is so happy that Ridge is "taking hunting so seriously" at such a young age.
Well, maybe not he's not totally serious about it!
Nash was happy about the sand he found on the mountain

Who who?
For now we can still fit the whole family on the four-wheeler

Brynlee is a good little spotter too
Ridgie Roo wasn't too happy about sharing the binoculars

Peanut butter and honey always tastes so good when your in the mountains

Bryn kept herself entertained by teasing Brady

What cute boys I have!
Brynlee the slow speed monster
The boys loved being able to throw as many pine cones as they wanted down the hill without getting in trouble.
This was the "hiking" part where we walked about 200 yards away from the four-wheeler. =)

It's so peacful and delicious to hear the wind blowing through the trees and smell the pine. Glad we had a beautiful day to do it!

We didn't see any bears, but we did see some deer, elk, grouse, hawks and hundreds of butterflies!

We are blessed to live so close to these amazing mountains!

And here we are starting out on our adventure.
Ridge was reeving to go!
We had to test out the boys endurance in the meat packers before we went. They didn't last too long. Luckily we never had to use them, for the boys or a bear!