Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't Be Fooled

The other day we were outside enjoying the shade, I was reading a book and the kids were quietly playing. I looked up and saw bright red oozing out of Nash's mouth. I jumped up wondering why he wasn't screaming but than I saw a package of Kool-aid laying close by. Thank you Brynlee.

I love that its hot enough to hose the kids down and that its easier to clean up messes outside than inside. In fact I'm tempted to move all of our meals outside!
The next day when we made Kool-aid the "real way" Brynlee was so excited that it matched her dress she insisted we take a picture of her and the Kool-aid together.

It's rough being too big to want naps but still small enough to need them!

Bryn was so excited a couple weeks ago when we had a short little rain storm, she is a girl that loves the weather, mostly the cold and rainy weather.

She is always asking when its going to get cold again so she can wear her winter clothes. She definitely gets this from Brady, he would be happy to wear his ice fishing gear year round. On this day she got tired of waiting and decided to wear them anyway, even though it was 90 degrees outside. Luckily after a few minutes she decided it was too hot. =)

Last night when we went out in the backyard, the sun was getting ready to set and there was a rainbow across the sky. Brynlee saw it and excitedly yelled, "Look mom a rainbow!"
Me:"Yeah, its pretty huh?"
Bryn:"Yeah, but mom where are all of the unicorns and ponies?!"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

TVDSA Picnic

Thanks to all of those who organized the Treasure Valley Down Syndrome Association Picnic!We had a great time!

Fishin' for something!

The rodeo queens were so kind to come help out for the evening.

Nash and his good buddy Cordell

Proud Princess Brynlee sporting her Painted Princess

What does every princess need? A rainbow of course.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Brady competed in his first triathlon, The Spudman on Saturday.
It started at Lucky Peak with a .9 mile swim.
The swim to bike transition area.

Brady's cheerleaders!
Coming up the hill on the 26 mile bike ride.

Brady is the one in the blue helmet. (I'm horrible at taking good pictures.)

The kids were so excited every time we saw Brady. By the time we got to the running trail Nash had enough waiting in one spot, he wanted to scoot on the trail with all of the runners so bad. Luckily his big sister keeps him out of trouble.

End of the 6 mile run and...

Way to go Brady!
I am one proud wife. I love you!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nash Is Two!

I can't believe it either! Little Nash has grown into a big two year old boy!
What a sweet boy! Nash is so happy, always full of smiles and hugs. Some of his favorite things are: balls, cars, trucks or anything with wheels that he can go vroom with, being outside, playing in water no matter where he finds it, moving to music (he has more rhythm then the rest of his family put together), saying "hi" on the phone and every time it rings, saying hi to everyone in the grocery store, teasing his physical therapist Amy, scooting everywhere, hiding things in the bottom drawers, putting everyones shoes the the bath tub, unrolling toilet paper, throwing Brynlee's kitchen stuff down the stairs, playing with Brynlee and Cassie, feeding himself all by his self, singing Itisy Bitsy Spider, yelling "Da, da, da" as soon as he hears Brady come in the door, and last but not least Nash loves getting up early every morning!

We all love you so much Nash and are grateful for the light you bring to our lives!