Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here is an update and some pictures from Nash and Brynlee's tonsill/adnoidectomies. As you can see, Bryn was so excited about the getting her tonsills out, going to the hospital, taking her special blanket, seeing the doctor, and getting to have as many popsicles as she wants. I wish she was still as excited after the surgery as she had been before, but now she has to deal with the whole pain, sore throat thing, definately not something to be very excited about.Brynlee and Nash in their matching hospital gowns with teddy bears from the hospital, before their surgeries.
Much to his dismay, Nash had to stay the night in the hospital. He and dad had a long night, but they did it! Nash really didn't like the I.V. in his arm. They taped it on really good but somehow during the night he was still able to pull it out.
They have both been doing really well since being home! We're are glad that the surgeries are over and thankful that everything went so well. As a family we have all felt very blessed through this last crazy month! Thanks for keeping us in your thought and prayers. We have been so blessed by everyone who has been thinking of us and taking care of us, thank you!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Review

Ridge is already growing so much!

This is his serious face

Nash and Brynlee both had so much fun playing with their cousin Hadlee.

Ridge loves his big brother and sister. He never seems startled by all the noise they make, I guess he really could hear in the womb, he seems used to all the commotion.

Nana and Aunt Paige surprised Bryn with a pre-Birthday party! We all had so much fun! Thanks for coming and for all of your help!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Ridge Casper Murray

On Monday morning of October 12, while I was still sleeping my water broke. It was amazing how much water there was! Brady and I were so excited! My mom and Grandpa were already at our house so hurried and rushed to the hospital thinking labor might come quick. I didn't have any contractions the entire way there. When most of the amniotic fluid drained, my stomach felt really lumpy and it was easy to see the baby was pretty amazing! That is what the above picture is, my lumpy baby tummy.
Once I was all hooked up to the monitors the nurse found that she couldn't feel the baby's head. They did an ultrasound and found that sometime in the last four days since I had been checked, the baby had flipped back around and was breech again. So everyone got suited up for a c-section.

Since I already posted pictures from the operating room, I'm skipping that part, but I do have to one thing I have to include. When the doctor pulled the baby out, he asked Brady if he could see what it was, he said yes and jumped into the air pulled his mask off and gave me a kiss so I knew we had a boy before I saw!

When didn't have a name picked our for our handsome little boy, but Brady had three names that he has always liked so I told him that he could pick the name, thinking it would be one of the three. The kids and my mom and Grandpa came. We were a little worried about Brynlee's reaction because she had been hoping for a sister, but all she said was, "I'm glad he's a boy, he's so cute, and I want to hold my baby." How can you not love such a sweet baby?! We spent all day getting to know our new baby but still hadn't decided on a name. Brady decided to sleep on it and the next morning when he came back he had come up with some new names, our favorite one that seemed to fit him best was Ridge.

For his middle name we choose Casper after his Great-Grandpa (above) who is Richard Casper Merrill and his Great-Great Grandpa Casper Whittle Merrill.

Ridge Casper Murray
We are so happy to have you in our family!

Nash loves to say hi and soft while he rubs his little brothers head.

Proud big sis!

My wonderful mother who is so much help! Thank you, thank you mom for staying the week with us!

The fantastic father of three that I love so much!

Ridge's nice little hospital hotel.

All suited up to go home!

Three sweet kids ready for their first night together. Brynlee and Nash have done so well with their new brother! And Ridge has been such a wonderful baby!

Nash has a new interest in his old toys!

Ridge checking out his awesome Uncle Ryan

Nashie is looking like a big boy these days!

Grandpa and Grandma Allen
I think Ridge and Grandpa are trying to out smile each other.

Grandpa and Grandma Murray

Monday, October 12, 2009

He's Here!

Our sweet baby boy is here! Monday October 12, 2009 9:58 AM
8lbs 8oz Healthy and well!
More details to follow!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Buddy Walk 2009

Every October across the United States different down syndrome associations organize Buddy Walks to create down syndrome awarness and to raise money for research and different programs associated with down syndrome. We didn't invite anyone to come do the Buddy Walk with us/Nash this year because we weren't sure we'd be able to make it with the baby coming and all, but we did make it and it was great! We've already started planning for next year, we want to put together a team for Nash, so mark it on you calendar, Saturday October 9, 2010! We would love to have everyone join us!

Nash loved waving his mitten covered hands, and like always he was making friends as soon as we got there.

Nash was so excited for the Buddy Walk that he got up at 5:00 this morning, so of course half way through the walk he needed a little snooze!

The walk starts at the State Capitol Park and ends one mile down the road at the Julia Davis Park.

Love You Nash!

They have lots of bouncy houses, games, prizes, pizza and entertainment for everyone!