Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Brynlee keeps Brady and I laughing with all of the funny things she says! I need to write them down right when she says them or I forget, but here are a few of the most recent ones...
On Sunday after church while we were sitting down for dinner Brynlee asked, "How did your class went today dad?" As we were making cookies later that evening she said, "I love every kind of sugar!"
She was playing with one of her Disney princess dolls the other day and asked, "Was my doll made in China?"
On Monday Bryn went to a neighbors house to play while I took Nash to have a hearing test. She had a great time playing with friends for 4 hours! When I went to get her she was sitting at their table eating with them, she wasn't too excited to leave...while we were walking out to the car she said very sadly, "Guess I'm not part of that family now."
At 3:00 AM Brynlee started crying and screaming, I jumped out of bed, flipped on the light and ran up to her room. It scared me because she seemed so upset, not the usually waking up in the middle of the night cry...anyway she was still kind of asleep or something so I scooped her up and asked what was wrong. She said kept saying over and over, "Mom, that coyote was tryin' to bite my finger!" I assured her it was just a dream and she quickly went back to sleep. The next morning she kept telling me that a coyote jumped out of a cloud and bit her finger and that she needed a "bandage"on it, she's had it on for two days now so that coyote must have been biting hard.

Joy School Halloween Party

Somehow when I posted these, they got all out of order and mixed up but my computer is too slow to fix them right now. Brynlee loved the joy school Halloween party, when we left she told Becca it was the best party ever!

Playin' Together

Nash and Brynlee love to play together...Bryn is lucky to have such a patient brother who lets her be the boss and Nash is lucky his big sister likes to share!

On Saturday Brady wanted to take the kids stergeon fishing for the first time, he was so excited and couldn't wait to catch one for them...unfortunately it didn't go quite like he had planned. We didn't catch any fish, but we still had fun being together and outside on such a beautiful autumn day.
I wanted to post this picture because it makes me laugh...Brynlee's favorite blanket that she just loves has two gigantic holes in it, she put the holes over she and Nash while they were watching Dora together...its kind of like a poncho blanky I guess!