Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Toy Story Trio

 Happy Halloween! 
The kids have been so excited about their costumes this year! And to be honest, I've been pretty excited too! The kids love Toy Story! Nash's favorite toy is his Woody doll, if anyone asks Ridge what his name is he says Uz It-ear (Buzz Lightyear), and Brynlee has really been missing her Jessie doll that we lost at a campground so needless to say, the costumes have been a huge hit! I'm sure we won't be putting them away anytime soon!

 The boys were ecstatic that they got to wear their costumes to school. Ridge ran around pretending to shoot his laser at everything and Nash kept telling everyone "I Woowee"
 I love the boys preschool, their teachers are fabulous! Ridge is in the AM class and Nash is in the PM class so we they got double the fun since they both got to go to each others party!
 Throwing the Velcro ping-pong ball at the ghost was of course a favorite of these two
and so were the snacks!
 Nash can always use another pair of glasses!
 Wow! They even had slime bowls in the Sensory Table
Buzz Lightyear wants to have an arm like his dad!

 Brynlee also had a fun Halloween party! I only got a couple pictures of her because I had to stay at my station. She had a fun bobbing for a doughnut, making popcorn witch hands, reading a Halloween story, having cupcakes, and playing games! Celebrating holidays at school is so much fun!
 Let the Trick-or-Treating begin!
 We have some super spooky houses on our street! Brynlee and Ridge weren't too sure about all of the flashing lights, scary sounds/music and ugly decorations but it didn't even phase Nash!
Ridge gave it his best shot but didn't make it to most of the doors, Nash collected candy and helped his sister to be brave!

 Nash wasn't waiting for scaredy cats!
 Brynlee summoned up all of her cowgirl courage and got in and out as quick as she could!
 Once Nash got the hang of it he was on fire, running as fast as he could with his bag open from one door to the next!
If people didn't answer quick enough, they got a little peeping tom!
Brady and I have never had more fun trick-or-treating!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Preschool Pumpkin Patch

When the leaves start changing we get so excited for all of the fun fall activities! This year both of the boys got to go on the preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch as students. (Which means we got to ride the bus, how fun is that! Ridge just started preschool last week and loves it!)  Cutest boys on the bus!
   They started with a little cow ride around the field

We got to play on the playground
Jump on the bouncy pillow
And of course, pick pumpkins from the patch!
 This little punkin' loves pumpkins and he gives such a great cheese!
 Happy Autumn Everyone!