Friday, November 2, 2012

Brynlee's 7th Birthday!

Can you believe it?! Our beautiful Brynlee girl is 7!
She has been so excited to turn 7!
 We woke up extra early so she could have time to open presents before school

A dream came true, Brynlee is finally (after 3 years of waiting) a hamster owner!
She could hardly believe it, not only one but two hamsters of her very own!
 Last night when we were putting the hamsters to bed she said, "Mom I can't believe I proved to you and dad that I am so responsible I got two hamsters! That was more than I expected!"
Nash and Ridge really reap the benefits of having such an awesome kind older sister! 

Ridgie Roo's face says it all!

 After playing with her hamsters Brynlee headed off to school...
where we later joined her for cold lunch in the cafeteria!

 Some of Brynlee's favorites this year are:
Color: Green (She says no, but I think its because her dads favorite is green!)
Activity: Riding my bike and playing with friends
Song: I Love To See The Temple (She and I sang this on our way to the Boise Temple open house last week where we had a wonderful time that neither or us will ever forget!)
Food: "I don't know" then laughing  "maybe fruit loops"
Treat: Cookies and Ice Cream
Subject in school: "That's too hard, I just love it all!"
What do you want to be when you grow up? "Still a mom of course!"

Brynlee has grown so much this year! We are amazed at all of the things she is learning and all of the things she teaches us! She has a heart of gold and she is the only one who can get Nash to brush his teeth! We are so proud of all of the good decisions she is making and of the way she treats other people. In the past two weeks, she had a teacher bring her a plate of cookies and thank her for volunteering to go without a cookie when they were one short in class, another teacher sent her a letter in the mail thanking her for being so patient and kind to a boy in her class who has some behavior issues, and her school teacher let Brady and I know how Brynlee always puts her best effort into her school work. We are so blessed to have such a great girl in our family! We sure do love her! Happy Birthday Brynlee Kay!