Friday, December 5, 2008

Island Park

We had a fantastic time hanging out, playing games, riding four wheelers, watching football and movies and sewing (at least the girls did) at Adam's family's cabin in Island Park!
Brady had two great days of ice fishing on Henry's Lake.

The ice was only 3 inches thick, so when the snow melted off, you could see right though the ice into the lake when you were in tent where the sunlight wasn't reflecting off of it. Brady of course loved being able to watch the fish take his hook, he caught 46 in two days!
Cassie is Brady's best ice fishing buddy! She is so loyal, she sticks out on the ice with him the entire day!

Ryan tries to avoid the camara, but I still get some pretty good shots!
Adam, Amber and Brynlee

Brady's second best fishing buddy, she loves it but doesn't have quite the endurance that Cassie does!

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KIRSTEN said...

I would have been totally freaking out, seeing everything below me. Looks like you guys had a great time! Where are all of your fish Andrea!!