Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just Catching Up

With all of the cold weather in December and not being able to play outside, Brynlee found a new favorite game to play with her dad called, you're going to be really surprised, Hunting! They dress in camo, talk on the walkie-talkies, sneak around the house looking for animals, and end with a hunting video. Brady loves it just as much as Brynlee!
The latest addition to Brady's collection, Fred, the alligator arrived from Florida in December a few days before Christmas. It reminded me of the Christmas Story movie when the dad gets the leg lamp and is so excited and everyone else is like what is that?! Brynlee didn't like it at first and kept asking Brady to take it to back to the ocean, but Brady named it Fred and showed her how nice he is and now she likes it.

We had a nice trip to Utah and Wyoming to visit family over the Christmas break. Brynlee liked being able to go out to the barn and feed cows with Grandpa Allen. And of course, she loved the barn yard cat!

Nashie's nice Mohawk courtesy of Aunt Arica!

Brynlee pretending to text everyone that she missed so much when we came home.

Nash recovering from bronchitis
The only not so fun part of our stay in Utah was when Nash ended up in the hospital for a couple of days. Luckily he recovered quickly and it was nice to have family around to help out. Thanks for all your help everyone!
Brady and I were able to have a vacation on our vacation. Amber and Adam took the kids so Brady and I could spend some time with just the two of us in Salt Lake. We had a great time reminising, and planning for the new year. It was so relaxing and rejuvinating. We love our kids but it was definately nice to have a break! Thanks Adam and Amber!


Monica said...

Yeah!! I have been waiting for the update!! GREAT pictures! You look cute with bangs by the way!!

Chris said...

Well well well. I can stalk your blog now too! Your family is lovely--so so cute and you are looking as beautiful as always.

Did you hear about Alicia's impending nuptials?

KIRSTEN said...

Andrea, welcome back to the blogging world. I have missed being able to check in on you little famillia :( I must admit that crocodile head is definitely one in a million, and I bet that Brady loves to show it off to everyone! AMAZING

So sad to see little Nash wearing oxygen, but happy hear that he is back up running. You all look GREAT!!

Leesha said...

Fun Blog!
We are planning for May 16th, but we have to wait for his clearance from the first presidency.
We have driven by and have wanted to stop, but we are always in a rush. So much going on. One of these days we will stop by. I have already told him all about you and your family. He is excited to meet you.

Carston, Katrina and Isabelle said...

Andrea the Alligator Head is killng me!!! And all the hunting cloths. So fun and what fun stories for your life!!!!

Nate and Kacie Bennett said...

Andrea, You have such a cute little family with great adventures. I'm so glad we ran into you in December, and I remembered your blog address, so now I can keep up with you guys. How are you guys doing?