Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miss Brynlee

Sunday morning I came walking out of my closet dressed for church with my high heels on. Brynlee looked and said, "Mom I want some shoes with little sticks on the bottom so I can walk like this..." and began prancing around on her tippy toes. Brady and I had a good laugh.
Monday the kids and I went to Target. Brynlee: "Mom I need some shoes with sticks on the bottom." We walk down the little girl shoe isle, I show her no little girl shoes with sticks. Not satisfied she wanders up and down the isles until she finds some 4 inch leapord print high heels. "I found them!" "Great!" I say, "Do they fit?" She tries them on, we look though all the boxes, only mommy sizes! Devistation, frustration and anger. Huge meltdown. And I mean a real meltdown. We immediately leave with Brynlee screaming about shoes with sticks on them and people looking to see who is beating their child.
20 minute drive home, Brynlee screaming the entire way. 20 more minutes at home Brynlee still screaming about stick shoes. Not calming down at all, can't even hear myself trying to talk to her. Nash needs a nap, Brynlee gets to go to her room kicking and screaming all the way. I hold her door shut, she's trying to pull it open, still screaming she says, "DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER, PLEASE HELP ME! MY MOM WON'T GET ME ANY STICK SHOES AND I REALLY WANT SOME! AMEN!" More screaming, but this time I am laughing!


Joanie said...

That story made my day :) My little girl just wears mine all the time.

From the beehive said...

That story is hilarious! Love the 'shoes with sticks' - too funny!

Stephanie said...

I love Brynlee- even when she's being naughty she keeps you laughing! I can totally see all this happening in my mind and it made me smile!