Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So Good To Be Home

Brynlee really missed her daddy.
When he went to leave for work on Monday morning she was really worried about where he was going and kept saying all day, "Dad's at work and then he's coming home huh?"
Both of the kids love it when dad comes home, I have to admit I get a little jealous. No matter how the day has gone, when Brady gets home they are so excited and happy and in good moods. Next time they're getting cranky, I'm going to sneak out the front door, open the garage door, slam the car door, then walk in through the garage door and say,"I'm home!" Hopefully I'll get the same reaction he does!

My little messy man won't even think about letting me help him eat since we've been back. He used to be good with 50/50, we'd both have a spoon and take turns putting it in his mouth. Now its all or none. If he can't do it all by himself, then its going on the floor. I'm a slow learner and have had to mop the floor multiple times a day this week. Why I still give him the messy foods (cereal in milk, oatmeal, chicken noodle soup, yogurt, banana's etc) he loves, I don't know. This morning I thought it would be nice to not clean the floor so he got a cupcake for breakfast. If anyone has any non-messy food ideas, please e-mail me.

Brynlee is practicing to become a cake decorator like Grandma Beth!
(Gotta love that smile!)

Nash was cracking me up with the lid off a tin...

he thought he was pretty fun, and I definitely was laughing.

Bryn thought she better try it too! =)

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Kandi said...

Hey Andrea I know they have little highchair mats that you can put under the highchair so you don't have to mop and sweep all the time. Look into it because I have no idea what is clean eating.