Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catching a Leprechaun

Brynlee and I thought it would be a good idea to try to catch a Leprechaun for St Patrick's Day so the day before, Bryn set to work making a rainbow and a pot of gold to attract the Leprechaun. We made a little trap that the Leprechaun would hop up on and fall in. Brynlee was so excited she had a hard time falling asleep that night.
Here she is with the trap all set and ready to go.

The next morning we could tell the Leprechauns had come, there was a little trail going across the counter top right to the trap!

Brynlee was the only one who got a peek at it, because Leprechauns are quick as a wink and they disappear if you blink!

Our little Leprechaun did leave us some Lucky Charms and green milk though!

Brynlee thinks green milk is just as good as chocolate milk!

Now he's a cute little Leprechaun!

Bryn was so excited for the St. Patricks Day primary party, she got a little head start by practicing pin the hat on the Leprechaun before we went.

And of couse I can't resist posting a couple pictures of me sweet lil'est Leprechaun.


KIRSTEN said...

What a cute idea! Might have to catch us a leprechaun, next year:)

Hey Andrea, had to cancel my hotmail account. If you get a chance would you just forward your email address to me at

Michelle said...

This is so much fun! I love how excited Bryn looks in the picture with her rainbow picture and leprechaun trap.