Saturday, July 17, 2010

Toy Story 3

Brady and I took the kids to the matinee today to see Toy Story 3. Good thing there were only two other families there...Brynlee was on edge the minute we walked into the theater because it was "dark and scary", the first preview that came on was for a superhero/villan movie called Mastermind or something. Its a cartoon, supposed to be funny movie, but from the very first glimpse, Brynlee was loudly whimpering and covering her eyes saying she wanted to go home, while sitting on Brady's lap the entire time. Nash on the other hand was super excited, clapping and cheering and wowing and pointing at everything. Ridge was just hungry. A few minutes after the actual movie started, everyone calmed down a little and got into the groove of it. I'm not sure which was more entertaining, the movie, or watching the kids watch the movie. Brady and I kept glancing at each other and watching the kids, we haven't laughed so hard for a long time. The kids were hilarious with their eyes stuck on the screen. It was so real to them, they were laughing, cheering and making the most adorable faces. When things in the movie got tense Brynlee was a nervous wreck but she couldn't stop watching. Bless her heart, she is so sweet and so sensitive. By the end she was just bawling. She got off of Brady's lap and came over to me with big tears still rolling down her cheeks, I asked her what's wrong didn't you like it? She said mom I'm just crying because I am so happy the toys found their new home. So it turned out that she kind of liked Toy Story 3, even though it was was super stressful for her to watch. The rest of us thought it was super entertaining!


Joanie said...

What a sweet little girl she is! I guess my 4-year-old has watched too many movies because it didn't really affect her. We've only been to the theater a couple of times, though. It was a good show.

Michelle said...

How fun! Shay and I went to see that a couple of weeks ago and we loved it! It sounds like even more fun to be there with kids, watching their cute reactions. And Brynlee's not the only one who cried...I guess I got pretty into it too :)