Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Brady!

Another year older and wiser too! We had fun celebrating Brady's birthday over Labor Day weekend! On the kids b-days I like to write some of the fun things they do so I thought I'd write some things that Brady does that I love...

Sings while he gets ready

Is always making plans and setting goals

Looks so handsome in his shirt and tie when he goes to work

Drives with his left foot on the dash

Takes cat naps on the couch and says that he's not sleeping but he is

Is crazy about the kids and loves to play with them as much as they love to play with him

Isn't great at fixing things but always tries anyway

Has a bridled passion for hunting and the outdoors

Lives what he believes and always tries to be his best self

Is always optimistic

I'm just getting started, the list could really get going from here but I better stop so I don't embarrass him.

I had to post this picture of Brady inspecting his gift...is it written in a dad manual somewhere that when your kids give you a gift you whistle and wow and act really impressed? I remember my dad doing the same. =)
We sang Happy Birthday and had pie if you ask Brynlee, cupcakes if you ask Nash, nothing if you ask Ridge, and cheesecake if you ask me, either way it was good. =)

Happy Birthday Honey! We love you!

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