Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Pictures

Ridge the roll maker

Where are Swee and Nash?

There they are!

Ridge crawls into bed with Nash every night just hoping that I'll let him stay there.

Nash's preschool class did a little music for us at the Thanksgiving Feast

Bryn and Ridge got to play some music and dance too.

The feast

After the feast everyone but these two did crafts...I guess they ate too much and just needed to find a quiet corner to relax.

Brynlee loves to help her brothers get breakfast

Ridge almost always has either his puppy or his sippy cup tucked under his arm

Silly Girl

Nash and I were playing hide and seek and I could tell he was very tired so I tried not to find him for awhile even though I could see this adorable little foot sticking out...

After a few minutes I heard snoring and sure enough, Nash was napping right in the middle of Hide and Seek!

The kids are so excited for the holidays! Brynlee got her tree out this weekend but couldn't find the decorations so she came up with her own. The jump rope and picture of our family were my favorite. It looks pretty awesome!

The time change was pretty hard for Ridge to adjust too

but don't worry he has finally got the hang of it!

I am

so thankful

for these sweet kids!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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KIRSTEN said...

I wish they would just rid of daylight savings, for us parents sake. Poor little people ... It's so hard for them the first few weeks.

Silly kids/ pictures. Love it!