Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas! Time certainly does fly when your having fun! And the holidays are always packed with fun! We have really been enjoying this holiday season. The kids are at such fun ages it really makes the holidays exciting and magical! At the ward Christmas party the primary kids stood up front and sang a couple songs for us. Brynlee and Nash were singing with them and Ridge was sitting on Brady's lap watching. At the end of the first song Nash came running back to us calling for Ridge. He took his little brother by the hand and lead him up front, showed him wear to stand right next to him, whispered sssshhhh very loudly and started to sing the next song. It was so sweet! They were so proud of themselves! The primary kids were definitely the highlight of the night they did an awesome job!
Ridge and Brynlee were pretty excited about their first visit with Santa, but not Nash. He didn't want anything to do with him! He wouldn't even look at him. He just screamed buried his head in my neck and hung on for dear life. It was pretty funny since Nash usually loves every man with a beard that he sees. It must be the suit!

Such a sweet girl! She has certainly been beyond good this year!

Brynlee had been talking non-stop about her friend that visited the "North Pole." She probably asked us a thousand questions about the North Pole. Enough that we decided we better take her there too. We weren't sure if she was up for all that traveling but she assured us she was! So on the 2nd Saturday in December we set out on a North Pole adventure! We had to ride a real train to get there. It was pretty amazing! Brynlee knew it was going to be a long ride so she got busy coloring right away.

The boys had fun relaxing and talking about Nashie's Christmas sweater.

Everything was wonderful until Santa showed up! Nash wasn't happy about that! But Santa was very friendly and patient like usual and he stuck around until Nash started warming up to him. By the time we got off the train they were high fiving!

Getting braver

and braver!

The "North Pole" was freezing but amazingly enough there was no snow! We decided it must be due to global warming.

The elf houses looked bigger than we thought they would...Brynlee was starting to get suspicious.

What cute boys!

Who knew there was hula-hooping in the North Pole?

Santa was there but the reindeer must have been out flying around.

On the way home Brynlee said, "Alaska looks just like Idaho." Maybe it wasn't the real North Pole, but we had a fantastic time pretending!

Another of our favorites this month was attending the live nativity. Ridge was especially excited about this. It was freezing cold but we loved it! I'm pretty sure his favorite part was listening to the beautiful heavenly angels sing. He had his most excited face plastered on!

Jump Start (Nash's therapy) also put on a great party for the family. They even had good ice-fishing which is hard to come by in Meridian!

The boys were a little weary about sitting on Santa's lap again but agreed to be in the picture if I would hold them.

We're glad there are 31 days in December and plan to enjoy them all! Hopefully you are doing same!

To All A Good-Night!

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Heather said...

Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Heather Fillmore, from from Utah. We just adopted a little angel from the same city where Megan lives, last March. I just want to thank you for all that you did to raise so much money for Megan! One of my RR friends told me we should go get her so that Anya could have a "twin" sister. Unfortunately that would put our almost-3-year old right over the edge I think. :) But what an amazing thing you've done!! I'm sure she'll have a family soon! Also, some of our best friends, The Cantwell's live in Meridian. They happen to have have a little guy with DS, too! You'll have to get to know them!
Stop by any time to our blog. :)