Monday, February 4, 2013


                  Bryn's School Christmas Music Program - Bryn holding the neighbors puppy
Bryn is doing great and loves school! She is super responsible at taking care of her hamsters and her brothers! She joined a basketball team and has been having fun learning how to play ball. She was a little nervous for her first game but she had a blast and even made two baskets! She takes a morning Spanish class once a week that isn't her favorite because she has to go to school early and doesn't get to ride the bus with her friends, but she is learning Spanish so its worth the sacrifice! =) She is also in the last semester of the Let's Play Music program and is having tons of fun with that, she is working on composing her own piece so when she gets it done I'll have to post a video. She has been learning about Martin Luther King over the last couple weeks in school and was shocked and so disappointed to learn that white people were mean to people who had dark skin! She didn't particularly enjoy hearing stories about how people were treated during the civil rights movement but Martin Luther King is now one of her hero's! She comes home so excited to tell me everything she learns about him and I love her passion for the work Martin Luther King did! One day she was telling me about Martin Luther King's dream and she said "I have a dream too, that more orphans will get adopted!" (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!) On Martin Luther King Day she made a banner that said "We're Free!" to hang on the garage, sadly it got trampled on and ripped by the boys before we got it hung! One of my favorite things to do with Brynlee is read books before bed. We have been reading books by Laura Ingalls Wilder about her life growing up in the late 1800. It's so fun reading and imagining what life was like back then, so different from the lives we live! It takes us a long time to get through one of her books because we have so much to say after every chapter! We've tried to convince Brady that we should move somewhere where he can just hunt everyday and we can live off of the land but he thinks we'd die! We probably would but its always fun to dream! 

Nash keeps busy! He is up every morning way before the crack of dawn rearranging the house. He is our most independent child even though he's the only one still in diapers! =) If he wanted to use the toilet he would but he's usually too busy trying to shove toys etc down there that he doesn't want to use it for lesser purposes. That would ruin the fun and he wouldn't get to see his dad struggle to become a plumber in all his free time! He knows how to get anything he wants in the kitchen and can even run the microwave which sounds awesome except that melting toys stink and start fires. We try to keep all of the appliances hidden or locked. I did wash on Thursday and forgot to lock the washing machine and dryer...Friday morning I found Nash in the laundry room with a load of stuffed animals going in the washer and two plastic dinosaurs tumbling around in the dryer! He loves to play computer games, but can't quite run the mouse yet, so he ropes Ridge or Brynlee into running the mouse and he just tells them which game to play and what to do. He can do the i-pad and touch screen computer at school all by himself and likes that, they just don't have his favorite Curious George games. He cracks us up with his hilarious laugh and keeps us smiling with all of his mischief and crazy ideas. He definitely keeps things lively! I think he must get some of his ideas from watching too much Curious George. If he wasn't so adorable and innocent he would be spending a lot of time in time-out!

Ridge is doing well, he is one hard working kid! He follows Nash out of bed every morning and does his best to keep up with everything going on all day. He started preschool when he turned 3 back in October and has been absolutely loving it! He loves getting to be so grown up, riding the bus and playing with his pal Henry at school. He has been working really hard in speech therapy. It's slow coming, but he tries so hard everyday and he's making progress. Ridge is such a good helper, he loves to help load and unload the dishwasher...if he keeps it up he'll have a really happy wife one day! He also loves to help Brady "fix" things around the house. As much as he loves school he still loves being home too. No matter where we go or how long we've been gone when we pull into the driveway he says, "We home!" and gives a huge sigh of relief! Ridge still thinks he's Buzz Lightyear. At his last doctors appointment Dr. Roy asked him if he was a boy or a girl. He said "No! I Uzz Ite-year!"  Dr. Roy was laughing and said "Oh you're a super hero huh?" Ridge said yes and started shooting him with his imaginary laser that comes out of his arm. The look on his face when he does this is the best! He has all kinds of fun shooting that laser and flying around the house as Buzz Lightyear! He loves books and always makes sure that he and Nash both get their bedtime stories before Brynlee gets hers. We all love our little snuggle pup Ridgie-Roo!

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