Friday, November 7, 2008

Joy School JOY

I had to post these pictures of the girls because they are such cute and sweet little friends! I love having joy school at our house because its so fun to listen to them and watch them interact. On this day we were learning about the letter L, so we made these lion masks and then I had planned to have them play leap frog. It was hilarious! I showed them how to curl up in a with their legs under them so they could be lept over, then I tried to get them in a line which wasn't so easy because they wanted to be in a horizontal line right next to each other. Anyway when they were finally all in position, I showed them how the last person jumps over everyone, they were so excited they all just started jumping and climbing all over each other. I wish I had been making a video, it was so funny. Needless to say, they never quite got the hang of it although I did help each of them over all of the others, but they had fun and wanted to play it again and again.


KIRSTEN said...

Do you take turns teaching joy school with some of the other parents? It is lots of fun watching the kids, as they interact with other kids. We must have done something right.

Angela said...

SO cute!! They are so cute together aren't they?