Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nash Is Two!

I can't believe it either! Little Nash has grown into a big two year old boy!
What a sweet boy! Nash is so happy, always full of smiles and hugs. Some of his favorite things are: balls, cars, trucks or anything with wheels that he can go vroom with, being outside, playing in water no matter where he finds it, moving to music (he has more rhythm then the rest of his family put together), saying "hi" on the phone and every time it rings, saying hi to everyone in the grocery store, teasing his physical therapist Amy, scooting everywhere, hiding things in the bottom drawers, putting everyones shoes the the bath tub, unrolling toilet paper, throwing Brynlee's kitchen stuff down the stairs, playing with Brynlee and Cassie, feeding himself all by his self, singing Itisy Bitsy Spider, yelling "Da, da, da" as soon as he hears Brady come in the door, and last but not least Nash loves getting up early every morning!

We all love you so much Nash and are grateful for the light you bring to our lives!

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maggie said...

happy birthday Nash! looks like you guys all had a fun day! love the rawlings!