Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Brady competed in his first triathlon, The Spudman on Saturday.
It started at Lucky Peak with a .9 mile swim.
The swim to bike transition area.

Brady's cheerleaders!
Coming up the hill on the 26 mile bike ride.

Brady is the one in the blue helmet. (I'm horrible at taking good pictures.)

The kids were so excited every time we saw Brady. By the time we got to the running trail Nash had enough waiting in one spot, he wanted to scoot on the trail with all of the runners so bad. Luckily his big sister keeps him out of trouble.

End of the 6 mile run and...

Way to go Brady!
I am one proud wife. I love you!


Joanie said...

That's a long distance for his first triathlon! That's awesome. Congrats Brady.

Carston, Katrina and Isabelle said...

Sounds like you had fun and that Brady had the best cheerleaders on the course!!!! So fun!!! Hope your pregancy is going well. I am excited to hear what you have, so we will have to keep in contact!!!!