Sunday, September 20, 2009

Good-Bye Summer

As much as I hate to see summer go, I do love the fall! At least our trips to Magical Deer Land and Quail Kingdom in the evening will be a little cooler! (Magical Deer Land and Quail Kingdom are two fields near our house where Brady likes to take Cassie out for exercise. Of course he loves the company of the kids on these almost nightly outings, so he gave the fields these great names to keep it entertaining.) Who needs Disneyland when you live next to Magical Deer Land or Quail Kingdom? We've have yet to see a deer, but we do see lots of quail and luckily for us, our kids love it. It's so fun that they are so easily entertained. As you can see, sometimes all the excitement just wipes Nash out! Brynlee has become quite the artist lately! She is getting so good drawing stick people (mostly princesses like in the chalk drawing above), hearts, letters and musical notes. In fact the past couple of days she'll climb up on the bar stool and sit at my desk for a long time while she covers a paper in little musical notes. Its so adorable because she sings "her music" the entire time while she is drawing the notes.

A much needed doggie bath. I wish I knew where my camera was yesterday I missed a great picture moment. Cassie was so tired from hunting all morning that she let Nash crawl in her dog kennel and lay right on top of her. It was so cute. After unsuccessfully looking for my camera for five minutes I went back out there and found Nash chowing down on the dog food Cassie hadn't eaten yet. Not so cute. Oh well, its not the first time. Usually the food isn't a problem because on a normal day Cassie gobbles her food as soon as it hits her dish. It's usually the water bucket that I catch my kids bent over lapping up water like they are little dogs.

Nash plays so hard that sometimes he has to take a little cat-nap right where he is.

He's so cute I can't resist. A few days ago I overheard Brynlee saying, "It's a good thing your so cute little Mister or you would be in big trouble." Maybe she's heard me say that more than once.

One morning while I was cleaning up breakfast the kids just sat on the stairs holding hands and laughing at each other. They make me so happy, I love little moments like that.

The Village Monster

Brynlee loves making princess villages in the sandbox and Nash loves smashing her princess villages. Hence the name "the village monster", its turned it into more of a game. Brynlee being the smart girl she is recruited the help of her dad and this was how they stopped the village monster. Nash was quite surprised about the whole thing.

So Long Summer!

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