Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello Fall

It always starts to feel like fall when Brady turns another year older. This year to celebrate Brady's birthday and Labor day we took a trip to Utah and Wyoming where we had a great time visiting family and Brady got to do some hunting. Happy 31st Birthday Brady, you are sure a handsome Birthday Boy!

We got to meet sweet little baby Ashlyn and spend some time with her. Now all of Brynlee's babies that she plays with are named Ashlyn.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Merrill with Ashlyn

Bynlee started a dance class that she loves, mostly because she gets to go with four of her little friends and they have such a great time together. This was her after her first class showing me what she learned up on the coffee table so that she could watch herself in the reflection of the TV.

Great Grandma and Grandpa Whitmore with the kids, Hadlee in the middle. We had a lot of fun in Wyoming! Brynlee and Nash loved getting to play with Keaton, Hadlee, Jaxson, Grandpa Doug and Nana.
Nash wasn't going to leave Great Grandpa Whitmore alone until he let him sit on his lap for awhile. Bob said he's never had a kid take a liking to him before but I can't believe that!

Brady and his Wyoming antelope that he had a great time hunting with his Uncle Rick and friend Cody.

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