Thursday, October 29, 2009


Here is an update and some pictures from Nash and Brynlee's tonsill/adnoidectomies. As you can see, Bryn was so excited about the getting her tonsills out, going to the hospital, taking her special blanket, seeing the doctor, and getting to have as many popsicles as she wants. I wish she was still as excited after the surgery as she had been before, but now she has to deal with the whole pain, sore throat thing, definately not something to be very excited about.Brynlee and Nash in their matching hospital gowns with teddy bears from the hospital, before their surgeries.
Much to his dismay, Nash had to stay the night in the hospital. He and dad had a long night, but they did it! Nash really didn't like the I.V. in his arm. They taped it on really good but somehow during the night he was still able to pull it out.
They have both been doing really well since being home! We're are glad that the surgeries are over and thankful that everything went so well. As a family we have all felt very blessed through this last crazy month! Thanks for keeping us in your thought and prayers. We have been so blessed by everyone who has been thinking of us and taking care of us, thank you!


KIRSTEN said...

Oh my gosh Brady & Andrea, you guys have had quite the month. 1st a birth and then 2 different surgeries. You two deserve a night out on the town!

Hetal Patel-White&Brandon White said...

Wow you have so much going on! I am glad both their procedures went well. All the children look amazing! It's amazing that you guys are parents of three. :) Keep the updates coming.
Love you