Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Review

Ridge is already growing so much!

This is his serious face

Nash and Brynlee both had so much fun playing with their cousin Hadlee.

Ridge loves his big brother and sister. He never seems startled by all the noise they make, I guess he really could hear in the womb, he seems used to all the commotion.

Nana and Aunt Paige surprised Bryn with a pre-Birthday party! We all had so much fun! Thanks for coming and for all of your help!


Chris said...

hee hee--love his serious face. What a good looking little man. Bravo friend!

KIRSTEN said...

Ridge is a very handsome fellow (just like his older brother) ... can't wait to watch him grow!

Stephanie said...

I think you popped out a 3 month old baby! That must be what Kamree looks like and she was bigger! =) He's so cute. I can't wait for him and Kamree to fall in love. Hopefully we will get to see you soon. Looks like you've had a whirlwind of a month hopefully things slow down for you. Wish I was closer.