Friday, December 25, 2009

Pictures in December

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus

Visiting Santa at the ward Christmas party. At this party Brynlee told Santa that she wanted a pet hamster but then a week later she told me she wanted a Suds and Surprise Dora instead. I was excited (who wants a hamster!) so I said "Alright, I'll tell Santa to scratch the hamster off his list." Last night Brady was making a video of Brynlee, asking her about Christmas, and she kept saying, "I hope Santa itched the hamster and brings me a Dora." Brady was confused, he had no idea why Santa would be itching the hamster, but I knew what she meant. Scratched, itched, its all the same!

We had a fun time at my parents while Brady was Buffalo hunting.

Ashlyn, Grandpa Allen and Ridge

We have to take advantage of all the snow we get here in Boise, since we don't get much.

Brynlee has been waiting all winter for a chance to "shugle".

I didn't want Nash to rip a hole in his snowpants from scooting, so he had to ride in the wagon. It's going to be a whole different ball game when he starts walking!

Smiley the baby!
Ridge is such a happy little guy. I have a hard time getting things done around the house because its always more fun holding my little snuggle worm, he is such a sweet amazing baby.

Santa's lil' helper

Nash's therapist Amy, always comments on what a good problem solver Nash is so I had to take these pictures for her. Nash kept wanting to play with Ridge and hold him. I needed to get some things done so I brought the bassanet out in the front room to put Ridge in for his saftey. Nash still wanted to see him, so the smart little guy got the stool from the bathroom out and climbed up.

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