Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Trip

Why can't we fit all our stuff in the car for a week in Utah? Let the pictures explain, this is just most of the stuff that Brady "had" to bring. Good thing my parents have an empty basement so we don't have to rent a storage shed while we're there! It looks like we've moved in every time we visit. Thanks for letting us stay!
Bryn couldn't wait to see the "thousands of snow in Utah", so she could make snow angels and a snowman. The kids love playing outside and going up to the barn with Grandpa.
The following pictures are from Ridge's blessing. It was nice to be able to have so many of our extended family there. Ridge is lucky to have all of his Great Grandparents here. And we are blessed to have such wonderful families! Next time we come down we'll have to get a pictures with the Grandparents/Greats we missed on this trip.
Great Grandma & Grandpa Allen

Great Grandpa & Grandma Murray

Great Grandma & Grandpa Merrill

Grandpa & Grandma Allen

Grandpa & Grandma Murray

Nash and Grandpa Allen

Jordan, Arica, Adam & Amber

Hadlee, Keaton, and Brynlee

Mardee and Nash

Paige and Ashlyn

My cute dad and Ridge

Nash and Ry

Bryn and Arica

Can I barrow Oreo's cage? It's just the right size!

The RCM's

Nash pretty much stayed out of trouble while we were there, until I was alone with the kids for the morning. I got Nash out of the tub, put his shirt and diaper on and let him go while I got Brynlee dried, dressed and ready. During that time he found a cake mix that he was enjoying when I found him. He was very upset that I didn't let him finish it.

Bryn was so excited when the actual Thanksgiving day came, she thought we should take her picture with the cute Easter basket she found?

We had our first Thanksgiving dinner with the Merrills and our second with the Murrays. I feel bad I didn't get any pictures at Grandma Murray's, but we had a great time spending the day with people we love!

Brynlee was in heaven with so many cousins everywhere!

Before the meal...and I forgot the after picture!

The cute turkey Danya made, look for her on Martha Stewart someday!

Ashlyn and Brynlee

To finish off our wonderful trip, we drove though the City of Rocks. It was beautiful and really amazing (this picture doesn't do it justice). It was also really cold so we didn't get out, but we want to go back in the summer. We are so thankful that we were able to spend time with family! We had a great time and missed those of you that we didn't get to see!


Monica said...

Okay Brady, for the record, you bring WAY more stuff on a trip than any girl I have EVER seen...THe pictures are great, glad you had a fun time! Your family is adorable!

KIRSTEN said...

Sounds like the Murray's had a great thanksgiving break! I hear you on the packing. When we come out during the holidays, we always have to bring all of Chiki's hunting crap because the guys like to go jack rabbit hunting. So that leaves about half the trunk for the rest of us. Pretty soon we are going to have to rent a uhaul in order to come visit haha