Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just busy playing!

Six weeks apart, and Ridge is catching Ashlyn fast! We loved having Amber and Ashlyn here this week! Thanks for coming!

Nash liked having two babies to play with.

Brynlee and Nash couldn't keep their hands off of Ashlyn. Nash wanted to teach Ashlyn to walk like he does with his little walker, he kept trying to pull her up to the handle bar, then he'd take a couple steps forward and with Amber's help, he'd pull Ashlyn up to where he was.

He was quite proud of his effort!

I had to have a couple pictures of Nash playing with Bryn and her friends because I love it when my kids are kind to each other and play nice together. I thought this was really sweet because earlier that morning Brynlee had specifically requested that no boys (meaning her brothers) come to her play date with her friends, but then when her friends came and she saw how excited Nash was to see them, she changed her mind and told me it was okay if Nash played with them. It made his day and mine!

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