Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nash's Goal in 2010

I decided for Nash that his goal for 2010 would be to walk. He has physical therapy 3 times a week now, so hopefully it won't be too much longer. I think the biggest hang up we have is that it's my goal and not his. I know I might long for the days of scooting when he's running everywhere and I can't catch him, but my back is telling me its time! He's getting good at cruising around the coffee table and the couches, he hasn't taken any steps on his own yet but he is so close! Just a little more strength, balance and confidence and he'll probably skip walking and go straight to running! This first picture is of the pictures his therapist at Jump Start gave me. (I don't have a scanner) He loves bouncing on the little trampoline, and balancing on the donkey ball thing he doesn't love so much but he's a good sport about it.
These next two pictures are of Nash at Tumble Time with his therapist Amy (dark pink shirt, not sure who the girl in the light pink is, she was shadowing Amy) Nash loves Amy, she has been working with him since we moved here, almost 2 years now! She comes to our house on Monday mornings and then we see her again at Tumble Time on Wednesdays. She only works with kids in the infant toddler program, so we will really miss her when Nash turns 3 this summer.

2010 will bring a lot of changes for our little Nash. He'll turn three this summer and be eligible to start public pre-school this fall. At first I thought I would like to keep him home at least another year, he's so cute and little. I love having him close by and Brynlee will be jealous if he gets to go to school first. But now that I've seen how much he is enjoying the Jump Start program I'm thinking maybe I need to not be selfish and let him start school in the fall. He loves socializing, he is surrounded by amazing people (the other kids and the adults who work with them), he is learning so much and it gives him something constructive (vs destructive!) to do in a safe structured environment. So we'll see how it goes...I'm sure Nash will be fine with it, its me I worry about!

Here's a short little video of the big boy from Tumble Time yesterday!

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Stephanie said...

Ang he's doing sooo good!! I'm so proud!