Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grandpa Merrills 80th

On Saturday all the family met together at Grandpa Merrills to celebrate his 80th Birthday which is today February 10th. We had brunch then headed up to Hardware Ranch to see the elk.

What a spry looking 80 year old, all excited for the sleigh ride!

We squished together and fit everyone in the same sled for the ride.

It was also Linsey's birthday! Happy Birthday Lins!

Once we all got seated the driver gave us an interesting little briefing on Hardware Ranch and we were off!

He said they average about 600 head of elk each winter however right now there are only about 400 there because it hasn't snowed that much this year.

They grow all the grass hay for the elk right there on the ranch, and Brady was happy to hear that the ranch is funded by hunters buying hunting licenses.

It was a beautiful day up at Hardware, sunny and warm, perfect weather for a birthday party!

The bouncing sled rocked Ridge right too sleep.

Strut your stuff guys! Kaylee bringing sexy back in Grandma's coat!

Love you Grandpa, thanks for having such a fun birthday party! It was great to spend the day with all the Merrill's!

Brynlee summed it up well at the end of the day when she said, "Mom it was so fun today I'm exhausted!" Turns out she wasn't the only exhausted one...

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