Thursday, February 18, 2010

Visit to Utah

It's no wonder that our kids love going to Utah! They get have so much fun and get spoiled by everyone! I love the top picture of my mom and Bryn at the Merlin Olsen park ice rink with the Logan temple in the background. Bryn had a blast ice skating, she is still talking about it and practicing her twirls and spins! She says she is going to ice skate in the Olympics!

We also had great time hanging out with Jaxson, Hadlee, Paige, Lindee and Elaine. Thanks for coming over! The kids can never have too much time with their cousins! And we're excited for the new one on the way! Congrats Lindee and Eddie!

Cache Valley has much more snow than Boise so the kids took full advantage of it, trying to spend as much time in it as they could. We went sledding, this picture is the beginning of Bryn's snow cave she built, and of course Brynlee's favorite thing, snowball fights.

Grandpa in the saddle at Texas Roadhouse on his 80th b-day!

Grandpa Murray trying to win a bouncy ball for Bryn! We all ended up trying it and nobody won one, that was a tough game!

Thanks everyone for spending time with us! We love you all!

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