Monday, April 5, 2010


I went on my annual steelhead trip to the south fork of the Clearwater this last weekend. It was everything you can expect from steelheading. We left my house at 3:30am on Friday. We were fishing by 8pm after the 4 hour drive. Friday was cold, rainy and tough fishing. At the end of the day, we fished 9 hours and I had one hookup that got off. Frustrating to say the least. Saturday was better. The weather was great. Mid 50's, sunny and calm. It took me about 5 hours that day before things came together, but then I was reminded why steelhead fishing can be so addicting. From 2-4pm, I hooked up with 5 fish, landed 2 and had one break off. Both fish were 32".

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KIRSTEN said...

I am getting into fly fishing and would love to hook one of those suckers.