Monday, June 14, 2010


After hours of training and preparation and many early mornings the day Brady had been eagerly awaiting, the day of the Boise IronMan happened last Saturday. Here he is with Brynlee at the first transition up by Lucky Peak dam before beginning his very first IronMan.

I'll do my best to try and describe the whole event, but hopefully Brady will add his own comments when he gets back from trek because it was amazing but I'm sure it was much different for him than for me.

The race began at 2 in the afternoon so Brady and Read had time to take the kids to catch a few fish that morning. Fishing is always relaxing for Brady and he didn't seem very nervous for the race which was good because I was nervous enough for both of us although I really don't know why.

The first transition area, otherwise known as T-1

The 1.2 mile swim was set up in a big triangle. They swam down the side with the yellow buoys first, then across and down the side with the orange buoys back to the dock.

I know one of Brady's favorite things about getting ready for the IronMan was being able to train with friends, they kept it fun and motivating for him!

Bryn was a trooper, she really wanted to come watch the whole race even when I told her she could stay home with one of her favorite babysitters and that she would have to hike up the dam by herself.
She is her daddy's girl!

Look at all those bikes! I'm not sure how many people started the race, but 1152 finished.

Spectators and athletes getting ready for the swim to start. They start the swim in waves according to age about every 5 minutes. Brady's group had red caps.

Here they are in the water getting ready for their start. You can see the other swimmers who have already started.

As Nash would say, "Ready, set, GO!!"

And they're off!

1.2 miles and 43 minutes later (Brady is the one in the white Beef shirt.)

Getting on the bike for the 56 mile ride in the wind.

While Brady was riding the bike, Read, Stacy, Brynlee and I ran home to get the boys so they could come see the run and so we could all be there for the finish line. It was SO windy but it didn't seem to slow Brady down too much because right on schedule, 3 hours later he was running. (Look at the trees in between the buildings below, seriously the wind was horrible!)

Still smiling half way though the 13.1 mile run!

Brady's cheerleaders!

Ridge liked ringing the bell.

Even busybody Nash was mesmorized by all of the people and cheering, he found a spot on the curb, sat down and actually watched the runners!

Bryn found a great spot to watch the finish from.

Incredible and inspiring!
"That which we persist in doing becomes easier-not that the nature of the task has changed, but our ability to do has increased." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

6 hours and 5 minutes from the start, Brady crossed the finish line!
70.3 miles

I dont' think it was easy - he lost 8 lbs, look at the sweat on his shorts - but he did it and he actually wants to do it again.

Bryn showing off her medal to Grandpa Murray. Thanks for coming Read and Stacy, it was so fun to have you here and so nice to have help with the kids and taking pictures!

It was an awesome day! So fun to watch all the hard work and dedication pay off!
Love you IronMan!


Anonymous said...

Great job Brady! So that's what it looks like to finish before dark. :)

Savannah said...

Wow! Way to go! We sure have some fit ( and crazy) people in this family! It's great, what a great accomplishment!

KIRSTEN said...

That is awesome that you did an Ironman, Brady. I do a 10K each year, and that is the extent of my running