Friday, June 4, 2010

Wrapping Up May

It looks like the kitchen table is on fire! Look at all those candles! Last Saturday was my birthday and for the first time ever, Brady made a cake! Yum it was delicious! I barely had enough air to blow out all 29 candles in one breath, I will definitely have to practice for next year! That morning as I was changing Nash, Brynlee and I were singing all of the birthday songs we could think of to me. We were singing one from Primary that goes, "One year older and wiser too! Happy Birthday to you!" But as soon as I sang the wiser too part Bynlee had a melt down, "Mom your not singing it right! It doesn't go like that! It's one year older and WIDER too!"
Okay so there is some truth to that but I like the wiser version better!
These little buddies are so adorable in their matching moosey jammies. Nash loves playing with his little brother, he has been trying to teach Ridge to throw the ball. He gives it too him, Ridge wiggles and kicks with excitment, Nash knocks the ball out of his hands and claps, they both laugh and then they do it again. I wanted to make a little clip to post on the blog, the only problem is whenever Nash sees the camara he stops what he is doing and trys to get the camara.

Meme (Nash for Brynlee) is honestly quite an amazing fisherwoman! She casts, she hooks them and she reels them in all on her own! She and Brady found a good spot to fish close by, they've already gone twice this week! Brady is so relieved to know that at least one of his children share his passion for fishing!

Refried beans are a Nash favorite, he not only eats them, but paints with them!

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Kelli said...

I forgot to wish you a happy birthday! Your kiddos are so cute.