Friday, August 27, 2010

Fair Again

Our kids always look forward to the fair, and last weekend it was finally here again!

Ridge wasn't quite as excited about the goats as the other two...

they loved feeding them and feeling them tickle their hands.

We brushed the cow, and Nash mooed at his buddy below. (This was the same cow that kept licking Nash last year. Nash tried really hard to get his attention but he was pretty busy eating.)

Brady fed the sheep oats too, off of the top of Nash's head.

Brynlee thought this sheep was hilarious, especially when it ate the cup. I love her face in these two pictures.

Bryn and Brady on the helicopter ride.

Bryn is getting so big, she rode the carousel all by herself this year.

This is the ride we talk about all year, the infamous pony ride. This was Brynlee's 3rd year riding these ponies. This year she got to ride Lily and Nash rode Charley. I think they should have a ride like this with big horses for adults. I would ride it!

Nash wasn't too sure about it at first, but he got the hang of it really quick!

See you again in another 12 months fair!

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Kaylene said...

Wish we were there. Thanks for the pictures we enjoy them here in Hawaii Love ya