Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last of Winter, First of Spring

I picked out some of my favorite pictures from the past three months that I'll explain as we go so you can at least get a peak at some of the things we have been up too! =) This is how I often find the crib when I go to lay Ridge down, full of books toys and whatever else the boys can find to toss in. They have an obsession with emptying and filling right now, they do it with whatever they can; dresser drawers, bathroom drawers, kitchen drawers and cupboards, the shoe basket, laundry baskets, book shelves, pantry shelves, binders etc, if there is a way to empty it they'll find it and they love filling things to like the garbage can, tub and crib. One Sunday we were getting ready for church, I had set the boys shoes and socks on the couch. Five minutes later when I went to put them on I couldn't find Nash's shoes...we needed to get going but I knew they had to be close by I had just had them! I made everyone come look, we searched the whole house looking in all the usual hiding spot like inside the shutters, on the shelves in the was driving me crazy that we couldn't find them but we were late so we left without them. When we got home I finally found them and a pair of Brynlee's shoes buried with unopened cans of soup in the bottom of the garbage can.

The boys are almost like twins these days!

We all scream for ice cream!

Brynlee really is just as sweet as she looks. Awhile ago when she had a friend over to play they ran upstairs with Nash trailing behind. Her friend said, "Quick shut the door so he can't come in!" Brynlee said, "No don't shut the door its okay he's my best friend!"

I finally gave in and let Brady cut all of Ridges wispy baby hair off. So sad now he looks more like a little boy than a baby.

These two pictures are my favorite. I found these two napping like this after they had been busy re-arranging the book shelf one Saturday morning apparently it was hard work!

Aren't they sweet!

Naturally the fish from the fishing game would want to be put away in the flour.

Thanks for the ice cream Grandpa, we have really been enjoying it!

I couldn't decide which was the best picture of Nash with his Casco so I put them all.

The children have all been dying for spring so they can get outside and not freeze. We have been getting quite a bit of rain and Brynlee has been learning a lot about worms so after every storm she likes to go pick them off the driveway and throw them back in the grass.

She was also lucky enough to find a caterpillar one cold March morning when we took Nash out to the bus. I was amazed because just two days before she had asked if we could go look for one and I told her no because it was still too cold for caterpillars, seriously I thought it was. She was so excited and happy to say see mom you were wrong!

These three are wild n' crazy about their dad! They love being with him every chance they get. They had a blast spending the afternoon at McDonalds and the Hunting Expo with him.

With the way snow melts in Meridian you have to be quick if you are going to make a snowman so before the last storm was over we made Brynlee's snowwoman Crystal!

Ridge is a super sweet and super independent 17 month old, maybe its because he has two older siblings. He wants to do everything they do except for talk. If they walk across a parking lot or in a store then he wants to do it to and if they aren't holding my hand, then he won't either. If they don't drink from sippy cups then neither will he. He thinks he can do whatever he sees them do and most of the time he can because he is so determined and such a good little climber!

We celebrated Dr Sues's Birthday by watching four back to back episodes of our favorite PBS show, Cat In The Hat. Then the kids made their cool hats at their preschools. Almost every morning the boys ask to watch Cat In the Hat by signing Hat and then Cat. It's so adorable I usually pretend like I don't know what they're asking so that they'll keep doing it. Finally I say, "Oh you want to watch Cat in the Hat?!" Nash shouts "YES!" and raises his arms like he just won a race, Ridge does his little yes laugh and dances his yes jig then they run to the TV is also one of my favorites!

Brynlee made a really great leprechaun trap this year

unfortunately she still didn't see him even though she swears she didn't blink when she looked. She says leprechauns are probably just like camillians and he camouflaged right into the trap.

He did leave a mess in the kitchen

and some green milk, eggs, and cupcakes.

Brynlee talked about leprechauns all day, the boys were just happy to have breakfast!

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