Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am super behind on keeping up my blog, I just can't seem to get in the blogging mode so I thought I would post some of these pictures from our trip to Mexico in January to get me going. Above is the group getting ready to zip line in Puerto Viarta at Jungle Canopy. We had a great time zipping across the jungle...I realized on this trip that I'm not really afraid of heights. I thought I was because for the last 5 or so years I have been paranoid of anything even remotely high but I realized its just because I almost always have my kids with me and I am more afraid of them being by heights than I am of heights when I'm alone. Just FYI.

We didn't get any pictures while on the zip line, too busy hanging on but I wish we had because it looked really awesome. The highest line was 700 meters above the river.

I think we need a pet monkey, they are super cute and the kids would love it!

Brady got bit by one of these little monkeys...that's what happens when you tease the monkeys!

Here we are on the boat ride out to Lover's Beach in Cobo San Lucas

This little seal looked so comfortable up on that rock, he would make a good post card picture.

The men playing a little football on the beach.

Brady saw a lot of fish and had a great time snorkeling

while Tiffany and I went parasailing.

It was surprisingly quiet and peaceful up there in the air and very beautiful. Definitely worth doing again.

We missed our kids but it was nice to have time to relax and be alone together! Thanks mom and dad for taking care of the kids, they had so much fun they didn't even miss us!


Karla Christiansen said...

Oh! I love that you guys got to go to Mexico! It is so much fun to get a break from the kids and just be together with the hubby. I thought the pictures of the guys on the beach playing football were great and of course the zip line pics as well.

KIRSTEN said...

I am so jealous of your trip ... even if it was a few months back. I have a few weeks left until baby #3, and cannot go anywhere. So girl, thanks for helping me vacation through your pics ha ha! Looks like you guys had a fabulous trip. Can't wait to hear about your next adventure!!

Kelli said...

Fun! We did the exact same cruise a couple of years ago. Loved the zip line.