Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Meet our other children

A few months ago Brady and I were introduced to this incredible organization called Reeces Rainbow which helps orphans with down syndrome and other disabilities find families. We felt a a fire and passion in our hearts for these sweet children. We knew we had to do something. With Christmas right around the corner we started to think of what we could do and decided to pick two children to start raising funds and awareness for. We began with our family and presented our idea at all of the family Christmas parties. We also started facebook accounts to spread the word to all of our friends. My wonderful husband started a blog OneStepCloserToHome so everyone involved could have a place to track the progress and learn more. One thing has lead to another and we have found ourselves in the middle of an incredible journey that is still just beginning to unfold. We had no idea how generous and willing to help people would be. Our hearts have been touched over and over as we have stood in amazement and wonder at the miracles happening for these sweet children. It is incredible! I wish I knew how to describe everything that has happened and all of our feelings about it. Joy and love and the grace of God are good places to start. Reeces Rainbow is certainly a permanent part of our lives now. I would like to introduce you to our two beautiful children who will forever be in our hearts and who will soon be on their way to their forever families!

Meet dear Eli
and sweet little Megan!
I told you they were beautiful! We are absolutely thrilled for them and their new families. We are still praying that everything will go well for them in the adoption process and that they will soon be home! We can't wait to see all of the good that will come and we are so thankful for all of the good that has come. Thank you to everyone! We will keep you posted as the rest of the story/stories move forward!

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