Sunday, February 26, 2012

Life is a highway!

Life is a fast highway...always on the move! My poor blog just gets neglected! I am so not good at keeping up on it! I hardly ever sit down at the computer any more and when I do I like to catch up on all the things happening on Reeces Rainbow. It's a lot more fun than posting stuff about us. But since there are some grandparents that like to see these kids, here are some more old (from the last month or so) pictures!

Brady was happy to be able to take the boys to the hunting expo in Salt Lake last time we in Utah. They had fun looking at all of the hunting stuff and animals. Brady got them some kids books about hunting that they are crazy about! They read them together every night that Brady is home. I think the series is called The Adventures of Little Jake, even Brynlee likes them.

We'll see if they grow up to be hunters! =)
Sugar cookies are always a February favorite in our house!

I love Nashie's big cheese in this one...

And Brynlee's eye popping smile in this one!

Three kids in the tub, rub-a-dub-dub! Brynlee has become an official showerer since school has started. She never wants to bath with the boys anymore but they were having so much fun she thought she would join them one last time! And those boys do have a good time in the tub! I dread giving them baths because they always want to splash and play like its the pool! It's a mess! It's also impossible to get them in wash them and get them out without tantrums. They'll play until the water is cold and still not want to get out.

Since Brady gets up so early to train every morning, the boys do the same. I have no idea what they are training for but they always start in the kitchen. We got a lock on fridge and on the pantry to keep them out. Brady tries to be quiet but around 5:00 every morning I hear Nash sliding down the stairs. We have tried putting the child door lock things on the inside of his bedroom door but some how he still opens it. He flips on all the lights, goes in Ridges room and gets him out of bed. If they are being quiet I try and stay in bed until at least 6. But on mornings like the one in the picture above, when they are slamming drawers shut its hard to sleep. I have also had to start safety pinning their zippers to their pj' can see what happens if I don't. It's worse when their diapers aren't clean, this was a good morning! (That's just hot chocolate spilled on the floor, left on the counter from the night before.)

Another part of their training consists of couch kickboxing (or something like that)

I'm pretty sure the couch gets more of a workout than the boys.

They cool down by chasing each other in circles. Let's hope warmer weather is on the way so these two can get outside!
Crazy kids!

One last thing, for the first 14 days in February I thought I would leave little notes or treats on Brynlee's bed. Two days into it and I started getting one of these sweet little notes or pictures on my pillow every night. Brynlee really is made of sugar and spice and everything nice!

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