Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We had a wonderful Christmas day! It came and went too fast!
The children were so excited about all of the holiday festivities this year.
Brynlee loved going caroling, picking a gift for her teacher, and looking at lights. Nash loved all of the holiday treats (every time the doorbell rang he would start yelling "Nash's turn, Nash's turn" while running to open the door, then he would try and hug whoever was there) and he loved to admire the Christmas tree. Ridge loved "hoho" and finding the elf every morning.
We all loved the Christmas vacation from school and being able to be home together.
And of course we were all excited to open gifts and find what Santa brought on Christmas morning.  
We should have guessed that Nash would be most excited about the laundry basket Santa brought Dad and Mom. He didn't waste any time getting it filled with toys! =) 
 Ridge was so hyper and excited trying to get everything out of his stocking as quickly as possible...
 Brynlee on the other hand took her time carefully examining each item.

Brady and Brynlee had a great time at Disney on Ice just before Christmas, now she can play it with her dolls!
Brady tells me I post way too many pictures but I can't resist! I love the looks of concentration and excitement on Ridge's face! He took present opening very seriously this year!

Everything was so exciting and surprising to him!

After all of the gifts where open, Brady surprised Brynlee with a hidden gift (he's seen the Christmas Story one too many times!) her very own BB gun!  Being Brady's daughter you can just imagine how excited she was to get her first real gun!

The children happily played with their new toys... and Brady gave Bryn her first hunters safety lesson.  Ridge was paid close attention too he didn't want to be left out on something as monumental as this!
Later in the day, it was still freezing cold and super windy but we couldn't wait to try out the new gun
so we bundled up and made our way over to Quail Kingdom for target practice. (Don't worry, targets are all she will shooting, at least for now!)

She makes Brady so proud!
The target blew away but the boys chased it down and filled it with rocks
She's a natural!

Ridgie Roo loves being part of the action
Even when her face was numb she didn't want to quit!
After practicing his patience Ridge was rewarded with a turn

And he wanted to do it exactly how he'd seen his big sister do it!

Nash thought he'd better take a turn too!

It's hard to say who had the most fun but in the end we were all ready for hot chocolate!

At the end of the day we were extremely thankful for a beautiful, peaceful Christmas day! And for the babe who was born in a manger in Bethlehem long ago, He makes peace and joy real and for that we will always be thankful! Merry Christmas!

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