Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

I love Christmas Eve!! It's such an exciting day with all of the anticipation coming to a head! We had Christmas dinner together and an indoor snowball fight...
which quickly turned into a wrestling match as the fake snowballs started to disappear (I later found most of them down one of the vents, only Nash would do that!)
The children are crazy about wrestling with dad, they like to gang up on him and try to rescue whoever he's got in his grip!
Once everyone was exhausted we settled down to read some Christmas stories and the "real" Christmas story of Christ's birth. The plan was to act it out after we got done reading it.
 Bryn was the beautiful angel declaring glad tidings
Nash played Joseph and was so tender and sweet with his little baby Jesus
Ridgie was supposed to be a wiseman but he was too tired so he was a sleeping lamb instead.
 Brynlee put out the reindeer food and made a nice plate of treats and glass of chocolate milk for Santa and came back into the living room where we watching a short picture narration set to music of Christ's birth. Nobody paid attention to what Nash was doing but as soon as we saw his face we knew he'd been in Santa's treats!
Brynlee was not too happy with him but ended up being glad that he left at least one cookie and half of the glass of milk for Santa!
Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

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