Monday, July 8, 2013

Nash Is Six!

Nash got his birthday off to a good start by crawling in bed next to his Mama during the wee hours of the morning for a little snuggle.
I held him next to me and listened to his breathing until he was asleep again.
I thought of that day six years ago when Brady and I left our little sleeping Brynlee in bed early in the morning and headed to the hospital as fast as we could.
Nash was on his way!
Obviously that day was a little different than we had expected.
But it turned out to be different in such a positive amazing beautiful way!
How grateful we are to have this awesome boy in our lives!
When Nash and I woke up again, it was to Garrett's sweet voice downstairs begging someone to let him wake Nash up for his birthday.
We got up and came downstairs.
Garrett in the most excited way yelled "Happy Birthday Nash!!"
 And gave him the biggest bear hug!
All the little kids got so excited and rushed over to give Nash hugs!
He was loving it!  
A little bit of heaven on earth!

After breakfast we took the birthday boy back out to Henry's Lake for more fishing!
He left a trail of gold fish so we could find our way back but it got eaten by seagulls.

It turned out to be another great day for fishing.
Nash was able to reel in several fish all on his own.
Ridge was happy to run the net for his brother! 
(At least he was for awhile, then he decided to chuck it in the water. 
He just wanted to fish too...I think he knew it would sink!) 

Nash does a great job keeping them on the line! 
Three excited boys and one squirmy fish!
They would have stayed on the lake all day if I hadn't been with them! :)
After lunch we had a little piñata fiesta!
Nash absolutely loves Despicable Me.
Especially the minions, he thinks they are hilarious!

 Trey has a lot of quack in that little body of his!

Audrey liked the minion too!
As Uncle Ryan would say, this is Nash's golden birthday! 
Turning 6 on the 6th!
We had such a fun day celebrating!
Love you Nash!

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alison said...

what a darling little guy. sure miss you . . . think about you often:)