Friday, July 5, 2013

Independance Day

 We had a great time celebrating the 4th of July with all of these wild kids with squirt guns floating down the river in Island Park!
 Lookin' our best!
I didn't get any pictures on the river so maybe someone can send me some?
 Nash loves being Grandpa's side kick!
Grandpa doesn't get to relax much when Nash is around!
 Ashlyn and Brynlee set out to catch some of the abundant butterflies!
 Nashie still loves a good baby swing!!
 Who doesn't love to swing is the question!?
 Ridge just hangin' around in his all time favorite Spiderman shirt and blue shorts!
He wants to wear them every single day and he would even wear them to bed if I'd let him.
But that's the only time I can wash them!
A beautiful girl with her beautiful Grandma!
Ashlyn and Ridge throwing snaps to get them prepared for the fireworks!
We went to the West Yellowstone fireworks which were fabulous!
Ridge and Garrett had so  much fun racing back and forth across the field, marching, and playing with their glow sticks. Brynlee was pretty tired and while we were waiting she told me, "I think I've out grown the fireworks." She was wrong! Once they finally started she lit up and had about 40 comments for each firework! Almost every one was her favorite and half way into it she said, "I changed my mind, I still LOVE fireworks!"
 I don't think anyone could ever out grow fireworks even if they tried!
What a fantastic way to celebrate the land that we love!
Happy Birthday America!
Once again I left my camera at the cabin so if your sending pictures, send some of the fireworks too please!

 The next day we spent at Henry's Lake.
The die hard fishermen (Brady and Ridge) started at 5:30 AM, the rest of us had breakfast and waited until it was sunny and warm!
 Love this picture of Garrett concentrating so hard to reel in his fish!
And he got it!
Brady was so proud of Ridge for getting up early every morning to go fishing!
 Brynlee likes catching a lot more than fishing! :)
Ashlyn and Adam both caught their first fish!
 Just kidding Adam, I know it wasn't your first!
It was a great day fishing for everyone but Amber!
She tried so hard she reeled the handle right off the reel!
She had 3 or 4 chances but the poor gal she was cursed! :)
We'll have to go out again and see if we can break the curse!
Everyone needs a little rest after a long day of playing.
The weather was perfect.
Nice sunny cool mornings, hot afternoons and then evening thunderstorms to cool everything off.

Time for bed?
No way!
 Not with this bunch, time to get the party started again!
 Wrestle Mania


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